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Friday 31 October 2014

Aleksey Miranchuk and Aleksander Samedov in the preliminary list of Russia.

The technical staff of Russia National Team decided the preliminary list of players for the duties on November. 

In the list formed by 38 players, there are Lokomotiv midfielders Aleksander Samedov and Aleksey MiranchukThe final list will be announced later. 

On November, the Capello's team will play away a qualifying game of EURO 2016 against Austria (November 15th) and a friendly match in Budapest against Hungary (November 18th). 

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Miodrag Bozovic: "Mistakes aren't allowed in Kubok Rossii".

Miodrag Bozovic in the post-game press-conference spoke about the Kubok Rossii game against Ufa (0-1), explaining the changes in the first XI and complaining with the Bashkir weather.

- It's difficult to comment the match because we played in strong weather conditions, - admitted Bozovic. - Due to the fog, it was really hard to see one to another, and also during the goal, we had to understand the fact. I don't know if fans saw or not something. Openly, this has been the first in my career. I played under snow, rain, hail, but I have never seen this fog. It wasn't easy to play in this pitch, which sometimes don't allow teams to play well. These problems were in common for us and Ufa. 

Today we won the 1/8 of Kubok Rossii and this is a great victory. Mistakes aren't allowed in Kubok Rossii. A defeat and you are eliminated. Today the most important thing was the victory, this is all. I think that we merited to win. 

- We can say that it was a coolness victory? 
- We can say it for the progress of the game, but then it was important to win. How it works - it's not so importantUfa played strongly, it's a good team, that have excellent players and < coach that is working very well.

- Why did not play N'Doye and Niasse, did you decide to keep Senegalese players for the championship?
- No, Pavlyuchenko worked well in the training and I think that we have the opportunity to give a chance to all forwards in the next games.

Ufa - Lokomotiv 0-1.

As soon as arrived in Ufa, Lokomotiv had a training yesterday evening at Dinamo Stadium. Today, in the city, fell a stab fog, which forced the teams playing "blindly". 

Miodrag Bozovic flew in Ufa with the major team. Compared to the derby of Moscow against Spartak, Manuel Fernandes changed Aleksander SheshukovRoman Shishkin took the place of Renat Yanbaev and Guilherme substituted Ilya AbaevIn the first XI there were also Roman Pavlyuchenko and Alan Kasaev, who on Sunday played in the second half. 

In the begin of the match, Loko tried to adapt to the weather conditions. At 5' Ufa had a chance, but they didn't take advantage by a free kick. Generally, the first minutes were strong for both sides, but as soon as Lokomotiv reached to create a significant attack, 'Railroaders' took the lead. Shishkin supported the action and offered an assist to Mbark BoussoufaThe Moroccan, completely alone, scored ahead against Veremko - 1:0!

In the next 10 minutes, the home-side pressed constantly the Loko defense, throwing again and again the ball in the area. The most dangerous chance arrived after 33 minutes: Handzic kicked, but Guilherme was careful.

The final minutes of first half were characterized by some opportunities for Ufa, but thanks to fog and Guilherme, they weren't really dangerous.  

The second half was similar to the first. At 72', Ufa arrived well on the right, crossed the ball, but Akakhoshi was inaccurateFive minutes later, Fernandes entered in the area, but Tumasyan anticipated the goalkeeper. 

Although, before the final whistle, Ufa tried to organize a siege to Loko area and in the final seconds they hit the crossbar, Lokomotiv was qualified to the 1/4 of Kubok Rossii, where 'railroaders' will face the winning team of the match Rubin - Spartak. 

Ufa - Lokomotiv 0:1 (0:1) 

Goals: Boussoufa, 19. 

Ufa: Veremko, Tishkin, Verkhovtsov, Tumasyan, Sukhov, Zaseev, Paurevic (Akakhoshi, 46), Frimpong, Diego (Safronidi, 83), Bezlikhotnov (Kilin, 56), Handzic. 

Lokomotiv: Guilherme, Shishkin, Corluka, Durica, Denisov, Samedov, Fernandes, Mykhalyk, Boussoufa (Miranchuk, 90), Kasaev (Tkachyov, 89), Pavlyuchenko. 

Yellow cards: Sukhov, 22. Zaseev, 57. Kilin, 68.

Referee: Vladimir Moskalev (Voronezh). 

October 29th. Ufa. Dinamo Stadium.

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Preview Ufa - Lokomotiv.

УФА // Локомотив
Wednesday, October 29th 2014
(Dinamo Stadium, Ufa)
15.00 FK Ufa - Lokomotiv Moscow
Referee: Vladimir Moskalev (Voronezh).
Assistants: Aleksey Stipidi (Krasnodar) and Andrey Vetereshkin (Saint Petersburg).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Inspector: Igor' Siner (Omsk).

No precedents in Kubok Rossii.

AbsentsBelyaev (injured), Logashov (injured, Tarasov (injured).
In doubt: //

Ufa: 10 (in RPL).
Lokomotiv: 9 (in RPL).

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-Sportbox.ru. Commentators: Aleksander Netsenko.

Vladimir Moskalev will be for the first time a referee in a Lokomotiv match. Three times he was only a sub-assistant. 

After the victory in Novosibirsk, Loko is waited by another match in Kubok Rossii. 'Railroaders' will face Ufa and for the first time they will play at Dinamo Stadium.

In the last turn, Ufa eliminated Yenisey Krasnoyarsk after the extra times. The goals were scored by Handzic, double, and Vasilyev. Although the match was hard, Kolyvanov's team demonstrated a great character, winning in a difficult stadium and in strong conditions.

So far, Ufa has played very well in RPL, in fact they are 10th after Lokomotiv. The star of the team is Marcinho, but also Diego and former Arsenal player Frimpong are good elements. As striker, Bosnian Handzic became an interesting alternative after he has scored 4 goals in the last 4 matches. The only former Loko is goalkeeper David Yurchenko, who played in the reserves about 10 years ago.

Loko, instead, eliminated Sibir' thanks to Cherevchenko and now will try to do the same with Bozovic. The Montenegrin coach should give a chance to the players that weren't used a lot such as Guilherme, Pejcinovic, Kasaev and N'Doye. There are instead little possibilities to see in the first XI, talents as Seraskhov, Makarov and Koryan.

Ufa (4-2-3-1)
Tishkin - Tumasyan - Stepanets - Sukhov 
Zaseev - Paurevic
Marcinho - Frimpong - Diego Carlos
Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1)
Shishkin - Corluka - Pejcinovic - Denisov
Sheshukov - Fernandes
Samedov - Boussoufa - Kasaev

Sunday 26 October 2014

Miodrag Bozovic: "Spartak must be satisfied by a draw".

Miodrag Bozovic in the post-game press-conference spoke about the derby against Spartak (1-1), explaining the changes in the first XI and the substitutions during the game.

- It's a derby, fans would enjoy it - said Bozovic. - I believe that in the first half the match wasn't so spectacular. When Spartak changed something, it was clear that they would play on counterattacks. In the first half they had a chance, but in the second we played better, scoring first. It's a pity that we suffered a goal, Spartak must be satisfied by a draw. 

- You have done a change compared the game v Terek: Mykhalyk instead of Fernandes. It was due to playing away or to face Spartak with caution?

- Against Terek we lost a lot of fights in the center of the pitch. We needed a power player that would fight and won all the balls.  Mykhalyk played very well

- The substitution Niasse - Pavlyuchenko at the same moment of the substitution Sheshukov - Fernandes seemed forced due to the limit, wasn't it? 

- No. I changed Niasse because he lost something in the fights. When Spartak changed their plane with four or five defenders, we needed a player that could play on the line of off-side. The capacities of Pavlyuchenko are known by everyone, he could intercept balls and be a dangerous presence in the area. The game was developed in the way that we started creating more chances towards the area. Sheshukov, instead, asked the substitution. 

- Was there a plane to face Shirokov? 

- I have a great respect to Shirokov as player, but in the modern football all play in zones. I'm very happy for Russian football that he returned, I think that he will help Russia. In this match we had to be feared not only Shirokov, but also Dzyuba and Movsisyan. Generally, you don't play against single player, but against a a team. 

 - Were you surprised by the first XI of Spartak without a strikers? 

- Yes, but soon we understood that Jurado and Promes would have played as forwards in front of 5 defenders and three variable midfielders. We immediately realized it.

Spartak - Lokomotiv 1-1.

Compared to the last victory against Terek, the first XI of Lokomotiv had only one substitution: Manuel Fernandes was changed by Taras Mykhalyk, who had the duty to reinforce the midfield. 

The choice of Bozovic, who decided to put the talented Portuguese midfielder on the bench, worked. During the first half, Spartak didn't create dangerous opportunity. Loko had the ball possession, passing a lot the ball and winning the fights in the center of the field. Only two times, the red-whites reached to create something towards Abaev.

The first action was interrupted in the area by Vitaliy Denisov, while in the second Promes made a dangerous kick. Renat Yanbaev later answered in the same way: the result was similar.

In the second half, the game didn't change. Roman Pavlyuchenko and Fernandes entered in the pitch instead of Oumar Niasse and Aleksander Sheshukov. Spartak answered with Shirokov and Movsisyan. Out Kallstrom and Bocchetti. 

The two teams immediately woke up and the match became more interesting. At 84' Fernandes scored the 0-1 with a beautiful goal! A few minutes later, Spartak found the 1-1 in the area thanks to Shirokov. 

In the final minutes, the game was aggressive, but the Derby finished with a draw.

Spartak - Lokomotiv 1:1 (0:0)

Goals: Fernandes, 84 (0:1). Shirokov, 87 (1:1).

Spartak: Rebrov, Parshivlyuk, Bocchetti (Movsisyan, 71), Insaurralde, João Carlos, Makeev, Promes, Glushakov (Dzyuba, 86), Kallstrom (Shirokov, 55), Romulo, Jurado . 

Lokomotiv: Abaev, Yanbaev, Corluka, Durica, Denisov, Samedov, Mykhalyk, Sheshukov (Fernandes, 70) Boussoufa, Maicon (Kasaev, 86), Niasse (Pavlyuchenko, 68). 

Yellow cards: Corluka, 45. Maicon, 73.

Referee: Igor Fedotov (Moscow). 

October 26th. Moscow. Otkrytie Arena. 39.704 spectators.

Friday 24 October 2014

Preview Spartak - Lokomotiv.

Спартак М
СПАРТАК М // Локомотив

Sunday, October 26th 2014
(Otkrytie Arena, Moscow)
11.30 Spartak Moscow - Lokomotiv Moscow
Referee: Igor' Fedotov (Moscow).
Assistants: Tikhon Kalugin (Moscow) and Anton Averyanov (Moscow).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Inspector: Nikolay Levnikov (Saint Petersburg).
Delegate: Yuriy Mishin (Moscow).

Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-1: 42' Beschastnyh.
Spartak - Lokomotiv 4-1: 30' Pyatnitskiy,42' Onopko, 60' Beschastnyh, 68' Radchenko; 71' Muhamadiev. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 3-0: 53' Ledyakhov, 88' Tsymbalar, 89' Cherenkov. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 3-0: 18' Garin, 57' Kosolapov, 63' Garin. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 3-1: 17' Beschastnyh, 85' Beschastnyh, 90' Pyatnitskiy; 59' Garin (rig.). 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 1-1: 4' Kharlachev; 80' Tikhonov. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 1-2: 86' Konovalov; 34' Oganesyan, 63' Elyshev.  
Lokomotiv - Spartak 1-0: 69' Solomatin. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-2: 55' Alenichev, 67' Gorlukovich. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 3-2: 17' Titov, 39' Kechinov, 88' Tikhonov; 60' Snigiryov, 64' Kosolapov. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 1-3: 87' Borodyuk; 69' Titov, 73' Tikhonov, 80' Tikhonov. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 4-2: 7' Tikhonov, 41' Buznikin, 45' Shyrko, 85' Titov; 72' Maminov, 83' Borodyuk. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 2-0: 51' Buznikin; 89' Robson. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-2: 4' Baranov, 86' Shyrko. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-3: 14' Tikhonov, 66' Tsymbalar, 85' Cherevchenko (autogol). 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 3-0: 11' Tikhonov, 34' Kovtun, 54' Robson. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 0-0
Lokomotiv - Spartak 3-2: 45' Janashia, 49' Chugaynov, 77' Loskov (rig.); 19' Shtoltsters, 36' Mor (rig.). 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 1-0: 22' Titov. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 2-1: 75' Loskov (rig.), 90' James Obiora; 47' Beschastnyh.  
Spartak - Lokomotiv 1-2: 25' Baranov; 58' Pimenov, 60' Pimenov. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 1-1: 33' Julio Cesar; 38' Kalinichenko. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 2-1: 16' Ignashevich, 44' Evseev; 62' Baranov. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 2-5: 63' Titov, 89' Belozerov; 26' Buznikin, 34' Ashvetia, 56' Maminov, 60' Ashvetia, 78' Ignashevich. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-0
Spartak - Lokomotiv 1-3: 74' Pavlyuchenko; 59' Bilyaletdinov, 76' Bilyaletdinov, 79' Pimenov.  
Spartak - Lokomotiv 1-2: 80' Cavenaghi; 47' Sychev, 78' Bilyaletdinov. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 1-1: 85' Asatiani; 62' Titov. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 2-1: 24' Bystrov, 70' Titov; 7' Pavlyuchenko (autogol). 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-0
Spartak - Lokomotiv 1-2: 71' Pavlyuchenko; 38' Bilyaletdinov, 84' Sychev. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 4-3: 30' Odemwingie, 42' Sychev, 68' Odemwingie, 90' Asatiani; 11' Pavlyuchenko (rig.), 20' Pavlyuchenko, 76' Pavlyuchenko. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 2-2: 23' Bilyaletdinov, 42' Sychev; 72' Pavlyuchenko, 90'+5 Bazhenov. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 0-1: 6' Mujiri.  

Lokomotiv - Spartak 2-1: 22' Rodolfo, 36' Minchenkov; 44' Alex. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 3-0: 40' Ananidze, 62' Welliton, 84' Quincy Owusu-Abeyie.
Spartak - Lokomotiv 2-1: 11' Suchy, 18' Ari; 28' Aliev. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 2-3: 20' Aliev, 87' Sychev; 18' Welliton, 30' Welliton, 65' Welliton. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-2: 44' Ananidze, 45'+2 Sergio Rodriguez. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 3-0: 2' Emenike, 15' Emenike, 51' Emenike. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 2-0: 26' Emenike, 44' Emenike. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-2: 23' Suchy, 41' Dzyuba. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 2-1: 60' N'Doye, 66' Pavlyuchenko; 6' Dmitry Kombarov. 
Spartak Lokomotiv 0-0
Spartak Lokomotiv 1-3: 7' N'Doye, 17' Samedov, 77' N'Doye; 27' Movsisyan.
Lokomotiv Spartak 0-0

AbsentsBelyaev (injured), Logashov (injured), Tarasov (injured).
In doubt: //

Spartak: 7.
Lokomotiv: 9.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: Vasilij Utkin.

Bozovic has faced Spartak 11 times in his Russian adventures, in total: victories, defeats, draws. He has also eliminated Spartak times from Kubok Rossii, beating Valerij Karpin and Unai Emery. 

One of the most waited derbies of Moscow city will take place on Sunday. Lokomotiv will face Spartak for the first time at Otkrytie Arena, the beautiful stadium that probably will be full and will also host some games of World Cup in Russia in 2018.

In this moment, both Spartak and Loko are living a difficult moment. The 'Myaso' have done a very good RPL so far, but in the last hours some Russian journalists have spoken about a conflict in their team. Spartak have denied these voices, but the atmosphere is very hot. The new coach, Yakin, is one of the most talented in Europe and probably they will pass this small "crisis" without problems.

Spartak are 7th and so far have played 8 (!) games away, which could mean a lot in the race to European positions. Although they lost three matches, against Krasnodar, Amkar and Ural, they also won away against Rubin, Dinamo and CSKA. Practically, Yakin's team is a perfect machine v big teams, because they also drew in Saint Petersburg. Recently they have recovered two important players such Shirokov and Movsisyan: the former could play in the second half on Sunday, while the latter could be not risked.

In Loko, the new coach Bozovic won in his debut. In Cherkizovo, the situation is improved a bit and the game against Spartak will be crucial. The Montenegrin coach will probably confirm the XI that won v Terek, without surprises. 

The reserves of Klyuev won 2:4 yesterday. The man of the match was Gerasimov, who scored an hat-trick. At the same time Koryan scored his 13rd goal in this season, demonstrating again his great value.

Lokomotiv (4-1-4-1)
Yanbaev - Corluka - Durica - V. Denisov
Samedov - Fernandes - Boussoufa - Maicon
Spartak (3-5-1-1)
Makeev - Insaurralde - Tasci
Promes - Glushakov - Kallstrom - Tino Costa - D. Kombarov