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Saturday 31 January 2015

The first training in Spain.

Lokomotiv are arrived in Spain and have already had the first training. Defender Arsenij Logashov and forward Maicon Marques trained individually under the direction of Arthur Saveliev.

HERE and HERE you can find two photo reports. 

Lokomotiv is arrived in Spain.

Lokomotiv have started the second winter camp in Spain. The flight to Malaga lasted five hours, while a bus carried the team to Mijas. In the squad there weren't striker Dame N'Doye, who was given a bit of rest after the African Cup, defenders Renat Yanbaev and Maxim Belyaev, who remained in Moscow training individually. Furthermore, defender Aleksander Seraskhov is on trial at one of Russian clubs. In the squad have been added goalkeeper Ilya Lantratov and midfielder Sergei Makarov, both arrived from the CIS Cup with Russian National Team, plus midfielder Dmitrij Barinov, who took the first camp with Lokomotiv's reserves. 

Here the whole program of Lokomotiv games in the second campThree matches are for Marbella Cup 2015. 

1^ match.
February 3.
Lokomotiv  - Dinamo (Bucuresti, Romania) 

2^ match.
February 7.
Atlético Paranaense (Brazil) - Lokomotiv 

3^ match.
February 10.
Lokomotiv - Elfsborg (Sweden) 

4^ match.
February 11.
Lokomotiv will play a friendly match against FC Haugesund (Norway). 

Times and places will be decided later.

Sunday 25 January 2015

Online conference with Miroslav Lobantsev!

Dear fans!

On Sunday January 25 at 21:00 (Moscow Time), Lokomotiv's goalkeeper Miroslav Lobantsev will take an online conference with fans. 

The conference will be taken in the official page of the club on VKontakte.

If you have a question, you can leave a comment in the corresponding topic before the start of the conference.

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Summary of the match against Ulisses.

During the last Saturday, Lokomotiv played the second friendly match in the camp in Turkey. 

Our team has won with an overpowering victory against the leader of the Armenian League, Ulisses, 4: ​​0Goals were a double of Mbark Boussoufa,a goal of Aleksey Miranchuk and Roman Pavlyuchenko. 

In the video you can find the highlights plus two interviews, the former to Boussoufa and the latter to Dmitrij Tarasov, who has played in 2015 for the first time after the injury. 

Friday 23 January 2015

The match in Kubok Rossii v Rubin will be on March 3.

Today the dates of 1/4 of Russian Cup have been known. Lokomotiv against Rubin will be played on March 3rd 2015 at Lokomotiv Stadium in Cherkizovo. 

The semifinals will be played on April 29 and our club will face the winner of the game Arsenal against Gazovik. 

Vitaliy Denisov was eliminated from the Asian Cup.

Lokomotiv defender Vitaliy Denisov in Uzbekistan National Team wasn't be able to be qualified in the semifinals of Asian Cup. 

The game against South Korea was decided in the extra times, when Korean scored two goals and won the match 2:0Denisov played all the 120 minutes.

Sunday 18 January 2015

A Lokomotiv fan in England.

Lokomotiv is a team with fans from all over the world and today "Lokomotiv Moscow Blog" carry you in England, where Matty supports "Railroaders" thanks to a football simulation video game!

- Hi, Matty. Welcome to the International fan club of Loko.
"Hi Stefano, thanks for having me."

- Tell us how you have became a Lokomotiv fan.
"When studying history, Russia has always interested me. My intrigue for Russia led to me taking a great interest in Russian football. I immediately took a liking to Lokomotiv's badge, and after reading more about the club and having success with them on Championship Manager and Football Manager my support for Lokomotiv grew."

- Do you know other Lokomotiv fans in England or UK?
"I'm the only fan of Russian football that I know. My friends can't understand why I am so interested by it, but I am working on getting them into it."

- Good job Matty! And, in general, what do English people think about Lokomotiv? What are their feelings if a player joins Loko?
"I think most English people see a move to Russia by a player as a move to gain money only. For example Corluka leaving for Lokomotiv was seen as a money-driven move. English people would also think Russian Football as a whole has a problem with racism. Therefore, the league is viewed with general distaste by the English people."

- And what do you think about it? Why there is such a wrong policy of English media against Russian football?
"Well I think that Russian football has a big issue with racism that needs dealing with. The media don't really overemphasise anything to be honest. I wouldn't call it a wrong policy. I do think that Russia is regarded with a level of suspicion by the average person here though."

- Which are your three favorite players in current Lokomotiv? Why?
"Three favourites is very hard to choose! I like Guilherme, as I like his leadership and passion! I like N'Doye, for his goals and pace. I like Denisov, for his solid play."

- And what do you think about Bozovic? How would you comment his work so far?
"I liked the appointment, because despite him struggling at Rostov late on in his time at the club he did great things winning the cup there. I think he has done great things, sorting out the mess Kuchuk left."

- Tell us your top XI of Lokomotiv in 2014.
"Guilherme; Shishkin, Corluka, Durica, Denisov; Manuel Fernandes, Sheshukov; Samedov, Boussoufa, Maicon; N'Doye."

- In which position, in your opinion, will Lokomotiv finish in this RPL?
"I honestly think we can get 3rd, hopefully we can keep this unbeaten spell going (laugh)."

- What do you think about the behavior of fans against the society (their protests during the games or the fact that Lokomotiv Stadium is often empty. If you compare the attendance in 2014 and in 2008, before Smorodskaya, you can find great differences)? Is it right or not?
" I think that fans are perfectly entitled to 'vote with their feet'. They are paying to watch a product and have every right to voice their displeasure. I can not condone the racism shown towards Odemwingie though."

- How would you sum up the 2014 for Lokomotiv? Your + and -.
"Well the main positive for me is the way Lokomotiv have adapted to life under a new manager.  A negative, for me, would be Kuchuk's awful start because we looked so good under him in 2013."

- Which are your main hopes for Lokomotiv in 2015?
"To continue our good run of form, to replace N'Doye and to finish 3rd."

- If you have the possibility to leave a message to all Lokomotiv fans all over the world that read this blog, what would you like to say?
"Always keep the faith, no matter how hard it is. The team is bigger than anything else."

- Thanks a lot for this interview. We are very pleased that you answered to our questions. Bye for now and... vperyod Loko!
"Nо problem. Vperyod Loko!"

If you want to follow Matty, you can find him on Twitter HERE and on his blog HERE!

Friday 16 January 2015

Lokomotiv will play two friendly matches in Turkey.

The friendly matches program in current Belek camp, in Turkey, has been decided.

January 20th. Lokomotiv - Borussia Dortmund (U-23), Germany. Pitch: Cornelia Stadium. 17:00 (Moscow Time).

January 24th.  Lokomotiv - Ulisses, Armenia. Pitch: Cornelia Stadium. 17:00 (Moscow Time).

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Ask a question to Miodrag Bozovic!

Lokomotiv Head Coach Miodrag Bozovic is waited by an online conference with fans. 

The conference will be taken in the official community of Lokomotiv on VKontakte on January 16th from 21:00 (Moscow Time). 

If you have a question, you can leave a comment in the corresponding topic before the start of the conference.

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Sunday 11 January 2015

Sergey Tkachyov joins on loan Kuban'.

Lokomotiv and Kuban' have found an agreement for the transfer on loan of midfielder Sergey Tkachyov

Until the end of the season 2014/15, the 25 years old midfielder will play for club from Krasnodar. 

Tkachyov arrived in Lokomotiv on June 2013 and has played 25 matches for 'Railroaders'.

Vitaliy Denisov played the first game of Asian Cup.

Lokomotiv defender Vitaliy Denisov in Uzbekistan National Team started with a victory the final stage Asian Cup.  

Denisov played a full match against North Korea and Uzbekistan has won 1:0.

The next game of Uzbekistan National Team will be on January 14th against China.

Friday 9 January 2015

Lokomotiv came out from holidays.

Today Lokomotiv players had medicals in one of the hospitals of the capital. Usually, medicals are made traditionally a few days before the beginning of the camps. Coaches and medical staff were be able to get all information about players status. 

Medicals are usually programmed during the holidays. Players, of course, found one to another and all of them spoke about their holidays. For example, Miranchuk brothers said that their mother had permitted for the first time to have a solo vacation and they relaxed as adults. 

As result, there were funny memories: every player described his celebration for the new year and the meetings with players of other Russian clubs. 

Training in Moscow aren't expected. The first camp of Lokomotiv will be from 12nd to 26th January in Belek, Turkey. The team will play two friendly matches there. Dates and opponents will be announced later. 

Dame N'Doye has been included in the final list of Senegal for Africa Cup.

Lokomotiv forward Dame N'Doye has been included in the final list of Senegal for 2015 Africa Cup, which will be played from January 17th to February 8th in Equatorial Guinea. 

In the group stage, the "Lions of Teranga" will face Ghana (January 19th, Mongomo), South Africa (January 23rd, Mongomo) and Algeria (January 27th, Malabo). The first two team of the group will face in 1/8 the first two of Group D, which is formed by Ivory Coast, Mali, Cameroon e Guinea.

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Vitaliy Denisov will take part in 2015 Asian Cup.

Lokomotiv defender Vitaliy Denisov has been included in the final list of 23 players of Uzbekistan for 2015 Asian Cup in January. 

The tournament will be played in Australia from January 9th to 31stIn the group stage, Uzbekistan will face North Korea (January 10th, Sydney), China (January 14th, Brisbane) and Saudi Arabia (January 18th, Melbourne). 

For the playoff, the first two teams in each group will be qualified. In the 1/4, the best teams of Group B, where Uzbekistan plays, will face the best teams of Group A, which is formed by Australia, South Korea, Oman and Kuwait.