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Sunday 30 November 2014

Miodrag Bozovic: "We wanted to win more than Spartak".

Miodrag Bozovic in the post-game press-conference spoke about the game against Spartak (1-0), underlining that in the second half 'Railroaders' could have scored more goals and nominating the three best players of the match. 

- With this weather it was difficult to play - said Bozovic. - The first half was equal, both sides had chances: we with N'Doye and Spartak with Promes. Maybe, Spartak seemed more dangerous, but in the second half we played better and we could have scored more goals. Players fought in the pitch and, I think, they wanted to win this game more than Spartak. I think that we merited to win. 

After the goal, Spartak attacked forcibly and we had more spaces. The pressure was more intense.  

Although I usually don't nominate the three best players of the match, today I can do it. These are Kasaev, N'Doye and Corluka. About the game, we could play better. All the team worked quite good, but I can't say that we played very well. About Yanbaev: he has to have medicals, I can't say anything.

Lokomotiv - Spartak 1-0.

Compared to the match against Ufa, Vitaliy Denisov missed the game due the disqualification. On the left played Renat Yanbaev, while on the right Roman ShishkinIn the midfield Taras Mykhalyk substituted Aleksander Sheshukov. As forward, Dame N'Doye fully recovered from the injuryYakin,instead, gave Loko and spectators a big surprise. Instead of disqualified Parshivlyuk, the Swiss coach chose the young Denis Kutin. 

Although the first minutes of the game were in favor of Spartak, they didn't create dangerous chances to Ilya Abaev. 'Railroaders' answered with an attack on the left: Yanbaev dribbled fastly Romulo and crossed a ball for N'Doye, whose head finished near the post. 

After this action, Renat suffered an injury and had to exit from the pitch. Instead of him entered Nemanja Pejčinović, who took his place on the left.

Generally, the match was played not continuously. Glushakov got over Alan Kasaev and gave a great ball to Promes: the Dutch wasted a big opportunity against Abaev.

The second half continued the trend of the first one: in the first 10 minutes nothing happened. Later Aleksander Samedov received a ball from Manu Fernandes, dribbled Kombarov and kicked: Rebrov was careful. 

Lokomotiv continued attacking. Kasaev on the side crossed for N'Doye, but Kombarov blocked the Senegalese striker. 

Mbark Boussoufa on the left passed the ball to Kasaev, who crossed again for N'Doye: no one touched the ball and Rebrov was eluded: 1-0! 

'Railroaders' didn't stop attacking and five minutes later Loko was close to the second goal with Mykhalyk. Taras easily got over the Spartak defense and crossed the ball from the right side, but unfortunately his assist was deviated. 

In the next opportunity for Loko, the protagonist was another defender: Vedran Corluka with a fantastic progression arrived near the Spartak area, but in the end Glushakov blocked him. 

Soon Mikhail Vilkov whistled the end of the match and the extension of the positive results series of our team against Spartak.  'Myaso' hasn't won against 'Railroaders' for three seasons.

Lokomotiv - Spartak 1:0 (0:0) 

Goal: Kasaev, 77. 

Lokomotiv: Abaev, Shishkin, Corluka, Durica, Yanbaev (Pejčinović, 32), Mykhalyk, Fernandes (Sheshukov, 75), Samedov, Boussoufa, Kasaev (Maicon, 79), N'Doye.

Spartak: Rebrov, Kutin, Makeev, Joao Carlos, Kombarov, Glushakov, Kallstrom (Yakovlev, 85), Romulo, Promes, Movsisyan (Dzyuba, 70), Ebert.

Yellow cards: Ebert, 39. Shishkin, 59. Mykhalyk, 69. Glushakov, 72. Makeev, 72. N'Doye, 85. Kombarov, 85.

Referee: Mikhail Vilkov (Nizhny Novgorod).

November 30th. Moscow. Lokomotiv Stadium. 13.760 spectators.

Friday 28 November 2014

Preview Lokomotiv - Spartak.

Спартак М
Локомотив // СПАРТАК М

Sunday, November 30th 2014
(Lokomotiv Stadium, Moscow)
11.30 Lokomotiv Moscow Spartak Moscow
Referee: Mikhail Vilkov (Nizhny Novgorod).
Assistants: Anton Kobzev (Moscow) and Aleksander Kudryashov (Saint Petersburg).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Inspector: Mikhail Khodyrev (Moscow).
Delegate: Aleksander Razinskij (Moscow).

Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-1: 42' Beschastnyh.
Spartak - Lokomotiv 4-1: 30' Pyatnitskiy,42' Onopko, 60' Beschastnyh, 68' Radchenko; 71' Muhamadiev. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 3-0: 53' Ledyakhov, 88' Tsymbalar, 89' Cherenkov. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 3-0: 18' Garin, 57' Kosolapov, 63' Garin. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 3-1: 17' Beschastnyh, 85' Beschastnyh, 90' Pyatnitskiy; 59' Garin (rig.). 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 1-1: 4' Kharlachev; 80' Tikhonov. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 1-2: 86' Konovalov; 34' Oganesyan, 63' Elyshev.  
Lokomotiv - Spartak 1-0: 69' Solomatin. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-2: 55' Alenichev, 67' Gorlukovich. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 3-2: 17' Titov, 39' Kechinov, 88' Tikhonov; 60' Snigiryov, 64' Kosolapov. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 1-3: 87' Borodyuk; 69' Titov, 73' Tikhonov, 80' Tikhonov. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 4-2: 7' Tikhonov, 41' Buznikin, 45' Shyrko, 85' Titov; 72' Maminov, 83' Borodyuk. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 2-0: 51' Buznikin; 89' Robson. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-2: 4' Baranov, 86' Shyrko. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-3: 14' Tikhonov, 66' Tsymbalar, 85' Cherevchenko (autogol). 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 3-0: 11' Tikhonov, 34' Kovtun, 54' Robson. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 0-0
Lokomotiv - Spartak 3-2: 45' Janashia, 49' Chugaynov, 77' Loskov (rig.); 19' Shtoltsters, 36' Mor (rig.). 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 1-0: 22' Titov. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 2-1: 75' Loskov (rig.), 90' James Obiora; 47' Beschastnyh.  
Spartak - Lokomotiv 1-2: 25' Baranov; 58' Pimenov, 60' Pimenov. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 1-1: 33' Julio Cesar; 38' Kalinichenko. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 2-1: 16' Ignashevich, 44' Evseev; 62' Baranov. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 2-5: 63' Titov, 89' Belozerov; 26' Buznikin, 34' Ashvetia, 56' Maminov, 60' Ashvetia, 78' Ignashevich. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-0
Spartak - Lokomotiv 1-3: 74' Pavlyuchenko; 59' Bilyaletdinov, 76' Bilyaletdinov, 79' Pimenov.  
Spartak - Lokomotiv 1-2: 80' Cavenaghi; 47' Sychev, 78' Bilyaletdinov. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 1-1: 85' Asatiani; 62' Titov. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 2-1: 24' Bystrov, 70' Titov; 7' Pavlyuchenko (autogol). 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-0
Spartak - Lokomotiv 1-2: 71' Pavlyuchenko; 38' Bilyaletdinov, 84' Sychev. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 4-3: 30' Odemwingie, 42' Sychev, 68' Odemwingie, 90' Asatiani; 11' Pavlyuchenko (rig.), 20' Pavlyuchenko, 76' Pavlyuchenko. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 2-2: 23' Bilyaletdinov, 42' Sychev; 72' Pavlyuchenko, 90'+5 Bazhenov. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 0-1: 6' Mujiri.  

Lokomotiv - Spartak 2-1: 22' Rodolfo, 36' Minchenkov; 44' Alex. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 3-0: 40' Ananidze, 62' Welliton, 84' Quincy Owusu-Abeyie.
Spartak - Lokomotiv 2-1: 11' Suchy, 18' Ari; 28' Aliev. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 2-3: 20' Aliev, 87' Sychev; 18' Welliton, 30' Welliton, 65' Welliton. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-2: 44' Ananidze, 45'+2 Sergio Rodriguez. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 3-0: 2' Emenike, 15' Emenike, 51' Emenike. 
Spartak - Lokomotiv 2-0: 26' Emenike, 44' Emenike. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 0-2: 23' Suchy, 41' Dzyuba. 
Lokomotiv - Spartak 2-1: 60' N'Doye, 66' Pavlyuchenko; 6' Dmitry Kombarov. 
Spartak Lokomotiv 0-0
Spartak Lokomotiv 1-3: 7' N'Doye, 17' Samedov, 77' N'Doye; 27' Movsisyan.
Lokomotiv Spartak 0-0
Spartak Lokomotiv 1-1: 87' Shirokov84' Fernandes.

AbsentsBelyaev (injured), Denisov (disqualified), Tarasov (injured).
In doubt: //

Lokomotiv: 8.
Spartak: 5.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: Kostantin Genich.


As happened against Ufa, Lokomotiv has to face Spartak twice a month. The game v the club from Bashkortostan wasn't exciting, so Bozovic must prepare 'Railroaders' in the best conditions. 

The derby against 'Myaso' is the second most popular game for Loko fans after the Torpedo one. Spartak in the last turn of RPL won v Mordoviya, which is trained by our legendary Syomin. Although the match finished 4:2, Syomin demonstrated that Yakin's team has some weaknesses. In this moment they are 5th and, after an hard period, they returned to get points. Yakin has a wide range of choices and so it's difficult to guess their first XI. Parshivlyuk is disqualified, while Insaurralde is going to miss all the final matches of 2014 due an injury. Bocchetti, instead, has just returned with the rest of team.

Although Shirokov and Dzyuba aren't playing a lot, Yakin seems intentioned to confirm the XI that won last week, with also players such as Tino Costa and Jurado that could start on the bench. 

Lokomotiv, as Spartak, needs only a victory. The bad game and the two points lost against Ufa must be forgot, because round after round the ranking becomes always more stronger. Denisov will miss the match: he's disqualified and probably he will be substituted by Shishkin, with Yanbaev that should play on the left. Sheshukov wasn't exciting v Ufa, and so Mykhalyk could return in the first XI. Kasaev seemed tired and so Maicon could change him. As said by Bozovic, instead, N'Doye is ready to play all the 90 minutes.

Although the strong period, more than 10.000 red-greens are waited at Lokomotiv Stadium, with a good following of Spartak supporters. The match starts at 13.30 Moscow time: don't miss it.

Spartak (4-3-3)
Makeev - Joao Carlos - Tasci - D. Kombarov
Glushakov - Kallstrom - Romulo
Promes - Movsisyan - Ebert
Lokomotiv (4-1-4-1)
Shishkin - Corluka - Durica - Yanbaev
Samedov - Fernandes - Boussoufa - Maicon

Monday 24 November 2014

Miodrag Bozovic: "If we want to be in high positions, we have to win these games".

Miodrag Bozovic in the post-game press-conference spoke about the game against Ufa (0-0), complaining with the psychological fatigue of players.

- Today, we didn't play always - said Bozovic. - In the first 15 minutes we played wrongly, without having the opportunity to attack our opponent. Then, we played a bit better, but we would have to score. We have played against Ufa for the second time in a month, beating a team twice is double more difficult. I can say that we got a point today. 

Why we were slow? I think that everyone were tired due the break of National Teams. Today the pitch and the weather were excellent for a game. If we want to be in high positions, we have to win these games. And it's better to win all the matches than a single derby.

Lokomotiv - Ufa 0-0.

Compared to the match against Torpedo, there were two changes. Dame N'Doye returned from Senegal at the weekend and so Miodrag Bozovic gave an opportunity to his compatriot Oumar NiasseFurthermore, Aleksander Sheshukov substituted Taras Mykhalyk in the midfield

Lokomotiv started attacking on the left with Alan Kasaev, but in the end he was stopped. 

Later, always on the left, Niasse passed the ball in the center of the area to Mbark Boussoufa, who launched Aleksander Samedov: the defense of Ufa was able to stop also this opportunity. 

In the next chance Vedran Corluka was close to the goal: the Croatian defender brushed the post with an head. Ufa answered quickly with Marcinho: the shot of Brazilian wasn't accurate. 

Before the break, Loko created some dangerous chances. Yurchenko took with the hands a pass of Paurevic, giving a free kick to 'Railroaders'. On the ball there were Boussoufa and Samedov: in the end the defenders blocked them. A minute before the break, Kasaev entered in the area, where Sukhov threw down him, Nizovtsev didn't whistle the foul. 

After 15 minutes in the second half, Loko created a chance with Niasse. The Senegalese dribbled two defenders and kicked: Yurchenko was careful.

Ufa was protagonist with Paurevic: but the shot of the Croatian wasn't accurate. 

Loko played the final ten minutes of the game in ten men. 'Railroaders' had another free kick, but they didn't take advantage from it. Ufa so had a counterattack with Handzic, who was threw down by Vitaliy Denisov before he would arrived in front of Ilya Abaev. 

Although the numerical advantage, Ufa didn't score and in Cherkizovo the game finished 0:0.

Lokomotiv - Ufa 0:0 

Lokomotiv: Abaev, Yanbaev, Corluka, Durica, Denisov, Sheshukov, Fernandes, Samedov (Maicon, 72), Boussoufa (Pavlyuchenko, 78), Kasaev, Niasse (N'Doye, 64). 

Ufa: Yurchenko, Tishkin, Paurevic, Tumasyan, Sukhov, Zaseev, Semakin, Marcinho (Kilin, 90), Frimpong (Diego Carlos, 84), Galiulin (Safronidi, 76), Handzic.

Yellow cards: Marcinho, 37. Yurchenko, 38. Galiulin, 45. Semakin, 77. Kasaev, 86.

Red cards: Denisov, 81.

Referee: Igor Nizovtsev (Nizhny Novgorod). 

November 24th. Moscow. Lokomotiv Stadium. 4.714 spectators.

Sunday 23 November 2014

Preview Lokomotiv - Ufa.

Локомотив // УФА
Monday, November 24th 2014
(Lokomotiv Stadium, Moscow)
17.00 Lokomotiv Moscow FK Ufa 
Referee: Igor' Nizovtsev (Nizhny Novgorod).
Assistants: Aleksey Lebedev (Saint Petersburg) and Pavel Kulalaev (Volzhsky).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Delegate: Ildar Zaripov (Saint Petersburg).
Inspector: Sergey Frantsuzov (Moscow).

No precedents in RPL.

AbsentsBelyaev (injured), Tarasov (injured).
In doubt: //

Lokomotiv: 7.
Ufa: 11.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: Georgij Cherdantsev.


The break of National Teams is finished and now Lokomotiv is waited from another hard game later the hot derby against Torpedo. Ufa will arrive in Cherkizovo after the draw v Rostov wanting at least one point, which could be very useful for them. 

About Ufa, we have already spoken about them before the game in Kubok Rossii, HERE. That match was very difficult for both teams and a goal of Boussoufa and a careful Guilherme permitted to Bozovic's XI to pass the turn. Due the stab fog we couldn't analyze the game at Dynamo Stadium and so Bozovic must reinvent his tactics.

Ufa is a team that don't renounce to attack and this could be a problem Lokomotiv, which wants to impose itself. The star of the team is Marcinho, but also Diego and former Arsenal player Frimpong are good elements. As striker, Bosnian Handzic became an interesting alternative. The only former Loko is goalkeeper David Yurchenko, who played in the reserves about 10 years ago. The coach is Kolyvanov and thanks to him, Ufa has the right experience to face RPL. Certainly, they arrive in Moscow to get a victory and in this season they have already won away against Krasnodar and Mordoviya, both two good teams.

Loko wants the 8th positive result in a row. N'Doye is arrived only on Saturday from Senegal, while Pavlyuchenko trained individually during the week. Logashov and Tigorev, instead, returned with the main team. Belyaev is still recovering from the surgery and he will return in 2015. Bozovic should confirm the usual Lokomotiv of last matches. The only change could be Niasse. Kasaev is the favorite on Maicon due the limit. 

Lokomotiv (4-1-4-1)
Yanbaev - Corluka - Durica - Denisov
Samedov - Boussoufa - Fernandes - Kasaev
Ufa (4-2-3-1)
Tishkin - Tumasyan - Alikin - Sukhov 
Zaseev - Paurevic
Marcinho - Frimpong - Galiulin