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Sunday 22 March 2015

Miodrag Bozovic: "There weren't enough chances".

Miodrag Bozovic: non crea abbastanza occasioni

Miodrag Bozovic and midfielder Dmitrij Tarasov in the post-game press-conference spoke about the game against Mordoviya (0:0). 

Miodrag Bozovic
- There were a lot of mistakes. Nor us neither our opponent created enough chances. I think the draw is right. 

- Lokomotiv played a lot of big matches, but for the second time in a row lost points. Can we speak of a crisis?
- We speak of a crisis when a team hasn't won for a long time. We reached the 1/2 in the Russian Cup and won against Rostov in RPL. After that, there was the defeat v Arsenal, despite we created a lot of chances. If we call crisis a defeat, yes, there is crisis. 

Dmitrij Tarasov
- I follow the motto: "Football will be played in each weather condition." When I entered in the pitch, I realized that the game would have been difficult.

- Can we say that the pitch helped the hosts? In such conditions, all the differences are cancelled.
- Only in the first half, it was difficult to create something. The match was based on forwards that tried to score on crosses. In the second half it was better. We had some chances, but without luck. Of course, the team is disappointed. We came here for the three points.

- How do you value the situation of Lokomotiv in RPL?
- It's difficult to judge it. In the ranking each team is close to another. A win or a defeat could change something. We have other 10 games, our task is to get the maximum of points.

Mordoviya - Lokomotiv 0:0.

Pareggio Neve in Saransk

The night before the today's match strongly ruined the pitch in Saransk. Despite being in difficult, the staff of Start Stadium was able to remove all the snow. The referee advised the two teams to warm up carefully and asked hosts the orange ball. 

Compared to the match against Arsenal, in the starting line 'Railroaders' had three changes: left back Denisov instead of Yanbaev, while Tarasov and Mykhalyk took the place of Sheshukov and Fernandes. 

For both teams, it was difficult to create some chances. A lot of fights have been taken in the midfield, therefore Vilkov had to book six players. In particular, Tarasov and Mykhalyk got their 4th yellow card in the season and so will be disqualified for the game against Dinamo. 

Lokomotiv tried to find some weaknesses in Mordoviya's defense, but the bad weather influenced the players. The only good opportunity in the first half was created by the hosts with Djalo, but Guilherme responded with a beautiful save.

During the break, the pitch was cleared up and Lokomotiv started creating more chances. Skuletic scored with a panenka, but unfortunately the goal was rightly cancelled for offside. 

In Mordoviya, instead, the most dangerous player was again Djalo, but his header wasn't accurate. 'Railroaders' answered with Mykhalyk, but also the Ukrainian midfielder sent the ball over the bar. 

After 73 minutes, Aleksander Samedov made a good pass for Roman Pavlyuchenko, who missed a big chance one-on-one against Kochenkov. Lokomotiv controlled the match, but until the 86' the game was blocked. The last opportunity was for Fernandes, who didn't take advantage from a rebound in the area.

Lokomotiv remained also in ten men for the red card given to Mykhalyk. 'Railroaders' are now 7th in the ranking of RPL.

"Mordoviya" - "Lokomotiv" - 0:0 
"Lokomotiv": Guilherme, Shishkin, Corluka, Durica, Denisov, Mykhalyk, Tarasov, Kasaev, Boussoufa (Fernandes, 65), Samedov, Skuletic (Pavlyuchenko, 60).
"Mordoviya": Kochenkov, Gapon, Vasin, Perendija, Dudiev, Nakhushev, Bozovic, Le Tallec, Vlasov, Djalo, Mukhametshin (Lutsenko, 69). 
Yellow cards: Mykhalyk, 14. Kasaev, 22. Skuletic, 26. Vasin, 29. Tarasov, 30. Gapon, 36. Durica, 85.
Red card: Mykhalyk, 89.
Referee: Mikhail Vilkov (Nizhny Novgorod). 22 March. Saransk. Start Stadium.

Friday 20 March 2015

Preview Mordoviya - Lokomotiv.

Мордовия Локомотив
МОРДОВИЯ // Локомотив
Sunday, March 22nd 2015
(Start Stadium, Saransk)
14.00 Mordoviya Saransk - Lokomotiv Moscow
Referee: Mikhail Vilkov (Nizhny Novgorod).
Assistants: Andrey Glot (Yaroslavl) and Sergey Sukhoverkhov (Voronezh).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Delegate: Ildar Zaripov (Saint Petersburg).
Inspector: Aleksey Rumyantsev (Saint Petersburg).

Mordoviya - Lokomotiv 2-3: 16' Panchenko, 62' Osipov; 29' Torbinskij, 33' Ozdoev, 38' Corluka. 
Lokomotiv - Mordoviya 2-1: 17' Samedov (pen.), 23' N'Doye; 89' Pazin. 
Lokomotiv - Mordoviya 1-1: 69' Niasse; 14' Vasin. 

AbsentsAbaev (injured), Pejcinovic (injured), Tigorev (injured), Niasse (injured).
In doubt: //.

Mordoviya: 10.
Lokomotiv: 5.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: Pavel Zanozin.


The defeat against Arsenal Tula is still in the mind of all Lokomotiv fans and the game vs Mordoviya arrives in a difficult moment for 'Railroaders'. 'Gunners' showed each weakness of Bozovic's team, which now is waited for a reaction. 

The match in Saransk will be very though for a lot of reasons. First of all the coach: Syomin has written the history of Lokomotiv and it'll be interesting to face again him. In this season, Yurij is doing a great job, not surprisingly he beat Zenit and Krasnodar at Start Stadium. Mordoviya is a solid team that concedes only a few chances to the opponent. Igor' Shitov and Pavel Yakovlev are disqualified, so they will play in the reserves matches as Evgenij Gapon, Lorenzo Ebecilio and Mitchell Donald (all injured). 

On the other hand, Bozovic must renounce to Abaev, Pejcinovic and Tigorev plus Niasse, who had to be operated for a fracture of the metacarpal. Mykhalyk should return in the starting line-up to ensure a bit more balance. The rest of the players that took part to the game against Arsenal, instead, should be confirmed. Sheshukov said: "We want  to be rehabilitated by fans", while Maicon underlined that "Lokomotiv will fly to Saransk to demonstrate his best". 

HERE you can find more stats about the match. Kick off at 16:00 (Moscow Time).

Mordoviya (4-2-3-1)
Dudiev - Vasin Niasse Lomic
Bozovic - Le Tallec
Danilo - Vlasov  - Djalo 
Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1)
Shishkin -  Corluka - Durica - Yanbaev
Mykhalyk - Tarasov
Samedov - Fernandes - Kasaev

Sunday 15 March 2015

Miodrag Bozovic: "Each series come to an end".

Miodrag Bozovic: Qualsiasi serie giunta al termine

Miodrag Bozovic in the post-game press-conference spoke about the game against Arsenal (0:1), saying that they deserved to score.

- We were really afraid by these games, because each series come to an end - said Bozovic. - Arsenal played openly, so we can't complain with their defense. Unfortunately, we didn't score in the first half, despite being four clear chances. The second one started wrong and Arsenal was able to score. It was accidental, but I think that it was also deserved. At the end of the match, we had to score. Sometimes, this isn't possible. This has been my first defeat after a long time. It shouldn't happen, but in this case happened, - resumed Bozovic.

Lokomotiv - Arsenal Tula 0:1.

Non segnare ...

Lokomotiv arrived to the game against Arsenal with a run of 10 matches without a defeat. Furthermore, in the last six ones, 'Railroaders' didn't concede neither a goal. 

The first half started with a lot of interesting combinations ad opportunities. Skuletic missed an opportunity against Mucha, while a few minutes later, always the Serbian striker hit the post.

After 22 minutes, Fernandes made a cross that arrived to Samedov: his header was saved by an incredible catch of Mucha. 

Each Lokomotiv player was brave and tried risky assists or dribbling. In particular, Boussoufa was close to the goal with a beautiful shot. 

At 37' the protagonist was Kasaev, who did a dangerous shot, which was warded off again by the Slovakian keeper.

These opportunities woke up Arsenal, that answered with Tesak, but his shot wasn't accurate. 

During the break, Alenichev made the right changes and 'Gunners' entered on the pitch with another mood: Lokomotiv, instead, was the exactly contrary. 

After 56 minutes, Sergey Kuznetsov made a beautiful kick, but Guilherme saved the team. Although, also Lyakh had a chance, the goal of 0:1 for Arsenal was scored by Zotov, who beat Guilherme with an easy tap-in. 

Red-greens tried to react and at 75' Yanbaev scored. Unfortunately, the Russian left back was in offside. 

During the last minutes, 'Railroaders' wanted to draw, but Arsenal defended very well. For example, Sukharev saved on the line a Pavlyuchenko shot: Lokomotiv lost and wasn't be able to score against a well-organized team.

"Lokomotiv" (Moscow) - "Arsenal" (Tula) - 0:1 (0:0) 
Goal: Zotov, 67.
"Lokomotiv": Guilherme (c), Yanbaev, Corluka, Durica, Shishkin, Sheshukov (Tarasov, 45), Kasaev (Maicon, 75), Boussoufa, Fernandes, Samedov, Skuletic (Pavlyuchenko, 67).
"Arsenal": Mucha, Kaleshin, Khagush, Sukharev, Osipov (c), Tesak, Kuznetsov (Lyakh, 63), Maslov, Ryzhkov (Smirnov, 73), Kascelan, Korytko (Zotov, 45).
Yellow cards: Maslov, 32. Tarasov, 83. Mucha, 84.
Referee: Sergey Lapochkin (Saint Petersburg).
Assistants:  Alexey Kudryashev (Saint Petersburg), Andrey Veretyoshkin (Saint Petersburg).
March 14. Moscow. Lokomotiv Stadium. +7°.

Friday 13 March 2015

Preview Lokomotiv - Arsenal Tula.

Локомотив Арсенал
Локомотив // АРСЕНАЛ
Saturday, March 14th 2015
(Lokomotiv Stadium, Moscow)
17.00 Lokomotiv Moscow Arsenal Tula
Referee: Sergey Lapochkin (Saint Petersburg).
Assistants: Aleksander Kudrayshev (Saint Petersburg) and Andrey Veretyoshkin (Saint Petersburg).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Inspector: Stanislav Sukhina (Malakhovka).

Arsenal Tula - Lokomotiv 0-2: 53' Fernandes, 83' N'Doye. 

AbsentsAbaev (injured), Pejcinovic (injured), Tigorev(injured).
In doubt: //.

Lokomotiv: 5.
Arsenal Tula: 15.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: Georgy Cherdantsev.

Lokomotiv played 6 matches with Lapochkin as referee: 3 victories, 2 draws and a defeat. Goals difference: 9-6.

The race to Europe continues in Cherkizovo. The match against Rubin in Kubok Rossii was the first game at Lokomotiv Stadium in 2015, now it's the turn of RPL. 'Railroaders' will play v Arsenal Tula, that as Rostov is fighting to remain in RPL.

A few months ago, Loko won in Tula and the match (which will be always remember for the beautiful goal of Fernandes) was really hard for the team coached by Kuchuk. Tomorrow, the story will probably be the same. Alenichev's XI must get at least a point and they will come to Moscow for a victory. Although in the last round they lost in Kazan' 1:0, they also demonstrated that they can make trouble to each team in RPL. The're a very experienced squad with good individualities. 

In this moment, Arsenal is 15th and their last victory was against Rostov in the last round of 2014. Alenichev will probably face Lokomotiv without Filimonov and Maloyan: both are injured.

Bozovic, instead, has to renounce to Abaev, Pejcinovic and Tigorev. In particular, the Montenegrin coach said: "Lokomotiv has always the highest tasks. We want to win Russian Cup and finish in the top three in RPL. We wait our many fans at the Stadium. I remember the game v Torpedo, it'd be great to have always this support."

The starting line-up should be similar to the Rostov one. Denisov, Kasaev and Boussoufa are fully recovered and probably the first two will start from the first minute. Skuletic, instead, is confirmed as striker.

'Railroaders' want to win, Arsenal plays a nice football, while weather will be good: Lokomotiv Stadium is ready to host the game. 

Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1)
Shishkin -  Corluka - Durica - Denisov
Sheshukov - Tarasov
Samedov - Fernandes - Kasaev 
Arsenal Tula (4-2-3-1)
Khagush Osipov - Kaleshin - Tesak
Lyakh - Kascelan
Maslov  - Kuznetsov - Ryzhkov

Dmitrij Sychyov joins FC Okzhetpes.

Дмитрий Сычев продолжит карьеру в «Окжетпесе» 

Lokomotiv forward Dmitrij Sychyov has officially signed for FC Okzhetpes (Kazakhstan) on loan until November 2015. Today, clubs found an agreement and, in the next future, Dmitrij will join his new teammates. 

Good luck and big performances in Okzhetpes, Dima!

Sunday 8 March 2015

Miodrag Bozovic: "Fortunately I didn't have time to replace Skuletic before".

Божович: Повезло, что не успел заменить Шкулетича раньше

Miodrag Bozovic in the post-game press-conference spoke about the game against Rostov (0:1), underlining the good defense of 'Selmashi'. 

- Rostov is a well-organised team. They blocked our sides. It was difficult to make chances. The best moments were in favor of Rostov during the first half. The pitch was rough. It was difficult to control the ball. We scored firstly and I want to congratulate with my players because they fought until the end. I also want to wish a good luck to Rostov for the rest of the season. 

- Miodrag, did you feel something special playing this game?
- Yesterday, I walked on Pushkinskoy. I feel this city mine. I'm always happy to come to Rostov.

- Did Rostov surprise you?
- We had only a doubt: four or five defenders. They defended very good. 

- Did you expect to see Kalachev as right beck?
- Yes, Goreux left Rostov and Lolo is injured. 

- You were ready to replaced Skuletic before the goal. Weren't you happy of his performance?
- His activity depends by the number of assists. There was a good cross an he scored. Forwards depend by the team. Fortunately, he scored before the substitution. 

- Were you be able to speak with Dzyuba or other Rostov players?
- Yes. I miss them. We played well last season and we won the Cup. I miss also the players that worked with me in Perm' six years ago.

Rostov - Lokomotiv 0:1.

La vittoria nella classe

The fight in Russian Cup against Rubin Kazan' will be remembered for years by red-greens. It's not easy to win not only the penalties lottery, but also against injuries. In fact, to Rostov didn't fly Abaev, Pejcinovic and Logashov. In Moscow remained also Belyaev and Tigorev. 

As left back, Bozovic recovered Renat Yanbaev, with also Guilherme and Tarasov in the starting line-up. In Rostov, instead, the squad was completely changed during this winter. Kurban Berdyev chose an unusual formation with three central defenders. As striker started Aleksander Bukharov, with Dzyuba and Azmoun on the bench. 

The first half was played carefully by Loko, conceding only few spaces to Rostov. The possession was controlled by Manuel Fernandes, who led our attacks. However, 'Selmashi' were good at defense and dangerous chances hadn't been created. On the other hand, Rostov took advantages only from the velocity of the Malian midfielder Moussa Doumbia.

In the second time, another fight started. Durica saved Guilherme on a shot of Doumbia, while Lokomotiv answered with a good action finished in a corner. 

By that, 'Railroaders' started playing faster and thanks to a beautiful cross of Samedov, Skuletic scored a wonderful header: Loko took the lead after 64 minutes. After the 0:1, Pavlyuchenko replaced Skuletic and Boussoufa changed Tarasov. 

Rostov wasn't ready to draw the game and our defenders protected the vantage. The final result is a tough game that permits to Lokomotiv to stretch of 4 points to Spartak. 

"Rostov" - "Lokomotiv" - 0:1 
Goal: Skuletic, 64.
"Lokomotiv": Guilherme, Shishkin, Corluka, Durica, Yanbaev, Sheshukov, Tarasov (Boussoufa, 65), Maicon (Kasaev, 87), Fernandes, Samedov, Skuletic (Pavlyuchenko, 65).
"Rostov": Pletikosa, Novoseltsev, Bastos, Bordachev, Milic, Kalachev, Gatskan, Torbinskij, Doumbia (Azmoun 70), Poloz, Bukharov (Dzyuba, 62).
Yellow cards: Kalachev, 22. Doumbia, 24. Fernandes, 27. Tarasov, 54. Samedov, 83. Azmun, 83. Maicon, 87.
Referee: Aleksander Egorov (Saransk). 
8 March. Rostov-on-Don. Olimp-2 Stadium.

Saturday 7 March 2015

Preview Rostov - Lokomotiv.

Ростов Локомотив
РОСТОВ // Локомотив
Sunday, March 8th 2015
(Olimp-2 Stadium, Rostov)
16.30 Rostov - Lokomotiv Moscow
Referee: Aleksander Egorov (Saransk).
Assistants: Valery Danchenko (Ufa) and Dmitrij Koloskov (Ufa).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Inspector: Igor' Siner (Omsk).

Rostov - Lokomotiv 0-1: 37 Smirnov.
Lokomotiv - Rostov 1-0: 84' Podpaliy (rig.). 
Rostov - Lokomotiv 1-3: 15' Gubaz; 23' Alenichev, 69' Smirnov, 84' Smirnov. 
Lokomotiv - Rostov 5-2: 4' Petrov, 9' Smirnov, 24' Podpaliy, 71' Garin, 81' Podpaliy; 7' Sanko, 46' Spanderashvili. 
Lokomotiv - Rostov 2-1: 38' Kosolapov (rig.), 75' Kharlachev; 69' Maslov. 
Rostov - Lokomotiv 0-2: 21' Kosolapov, 88' Garin. 
Lokomotiv - Rostov 2-1: 53' Elyshev, 58' Chugaynov; 83' Nechay. 
Rostov - Lokomotiv 0-2: 20' Garin, 90' Snigirev. 
Rostov - Lokomotiv 2-2: 45' Maslov (rig.), 78' Oreshuk; 44' Loskov, 60' Kosolapov. 
Lokomotiv - Rostov 2-1: 50' Kosolapov, 89' Maminov; 10' Hankeev. 
Lokomotiv - Rostov 1-1: 4' Oganesyan; 86' Kirichenko. 
Rostov - Lokomotiv 2-2: 35' Kirichenko, 38' Prudius; 37' Janashia, 55' Bulykin. 
Rostov - Lokomotiv 1-1: 55' Kirichenko; 13' Kharlachev.
Lokomotiv - Rostov 3-0: 25' Loskov, 87' Maminov, 90' Pimenov. 
Rostov - Lokomotiv 0-0
Lokomotiv - Rostov 3-0: 14' Terekhin, 22' Loskov (rig.), 33' Janashia. 
Rostov - Lokomotiv 0-0
Lokomotiv - Rostov 0-0
Lokomotiv - Rostov 3-0: 50' Loskov, 54' Da Silva, 87' Loskov (rig.).
Rostov - Lokomotiv 2-3: 23' Kirichenko, 39' Demenko; 29' Izmailov, 45' Obiorah, 66' Loskov (rig.).
Lokomotiv - Rostov 0-0
Rostov - Lokomotiv 1-1: 77' Osinov; 15' Maminov.
Lokomotiv - Rostov 1-1: 79' Sychev; 35' Kruščić.
Rostov - Lokomotiv 1-2: 90' Osinov (rig.); 10' e 60' Sychev.
Lokomotiv - Rostov 4-0: 50' Evseev, 60' e 68' Loskov, 85' Khokhlov.
Rostov - Lokomotiv 1-1: 24' Osinov; 82' Sennikov.
Lokomotiv - Rostov 1-0: 49' D. Traoré.
Rostov - Lokomotiv 1-2: 4' Gogniev; 73' D. Traoré, 84' Celsinho.
Lokomotiv - Rostov 2-0: 36' Gurenko, 76' Sychev.
Rostov - Lokomotiv 0-2: 40' Odemwingie (rig.), 66' Sychev.

Rostov - Lokomotiv 1-1: 39' B. Petrović; 90'+2 Glushakov.
Lokomotiv - Rostov 2-0: 41' Bilyaletdinov, 86' Sychev.
Lokomotiv - Rostov 0-1: 35' Valikaev. 
Rostov - Lokomotiv 1-1: 59' Blatnjak; 53' Sychev, 61' Rodolfo. 
Lokomotiv - Rostov 1-1: 83' M.Grigorjev; 74' Ignatjev. 
Rostov - Lokomotiv 0-3: 8' Loskov, 56' Sychev (rig.), 81' Tarasov.
Rostov - Lokomotiv 0-0
Lokomotiv - Rostov 3-1: 20' N'Doye, 83' Caicedo, 89' Torbinskiy; 29' Kalachev. 
Lokomotiv - Rostov 5-0: 45' Caicedo, 54' Samedov (rig.), 58' Maicon, 62' Tarasov, 83' Pavlyuchenko.
Rostov - Lokomotiv 2-0: 18' Dyakov, 68' Kalachev.
Lokomotiv - Rostov 2-1: 5' Kasaev, 21' Samedov; 72' Poloz. 

AbsentsAbaev (injured), Belyaev (injured), Pejcinovic (injured).
In doubt: Logashov (injured), Yanbaev (injured), Denisov (injured).

Rostov: 16.
Lokomotiv: 5.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: ?.


After the great victory against Rubin in Russian Cup, Lokomotiv is now waited by the first match in RPL in 2015. 'Railroaders' will fly to Rostov in search of the three points and as Shishkin said: "Rostov has reinforced the team and has a new coach. It'll be a tough game." 

The new coach is Kurban Berdyev, one of the biggest Russian coaches over the last years, while the new players are: Granat, Novoseltsev, Azmoun and Dzyuba. They have improved the level of the squad, especially Dzyuba, who had in Rostov the best season in his career. In particular, 'Selmashi' must get a win to save a desperate situation born after the incredible success of Russian Cup in 2014. They will give the 100% on the pitch and the Stadium will support them until the end. Djakov and Kanga are disqualified, while Granat will miss the match due an injury. Grigorjev, instead, is currently on loan from us and can't take part to the game.

On the other hand, Bozovic has a lot of problems. Although Denisov and Kasaev are returned in the main group, the Montenegrin coach has lost Abaev (six weeks) and Pejcinovic (two weeks). The former should be replaced by captain Guilherme, while the latter by Denisov, who remains in doubt as Logashov and Yanbaev. Pavlyuchenko could start instead of Skuletic, who is a bit tired after the match v Rubin. 

In the end, Lokomotiv must win to continue the positive results, earning points to finish in a Champions League spot: CSKA has won against Terek today (1:2), Dinamo will host Ufa, while Spartak will face Krasnodar in Moscow. 

 Rostov (4-2-3-1)
Novoseltsev - Xulu Bastos - Milic
Gatskan -  Torbinskij
Kalachev - Azmoun - Poloz
Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1)
Shishkin - Corluka - Durica - Denisov
Sheshukov - Mykhalyk
Samedov - Fernandes - Maicon