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Tuesday 30 September 2014

Happy birthday, Sergey!

Today, the legendary midfielder of Lokomotiv Sergey Gurenko is 42. 

The Belorussian midfielder arrived in Lokomotiv in 1995 and played for our teams for 4 years, participating to all the victories of 'Railroaders' in Nineties: he won a Kubok Rossii, a silver and a bronze medal. 

After Loko, Sergey played also abroad in teams such Italian Roma, Parma, Piacenza and Dinamo Minsk. He has also won the Spanish Cup in Real Zaragoza. In 2003 he returned in Cherkizovo.

In the Lokomotiv of 2000 he became an irreplaceable player and helped the team win the championship in 2004, the Super Cup and again the Kubok Rossii in 2007. 

Overall, Sergey Gurenko spent in Lokomotiv more than 250 games and rightly he's one of the legends of this club. 
At the end of his career, Sergey started training and in the last Sunday he arrived in Cherkizovo as Amkar's coach. After the match, Gurenko was given some prizes in the club's museum. Sergey thanked with the club and the fans for their congratulations, underlining that he is still following Lokomotiv with the same interests and love.

"Lokomotiv Moscow Blog" and FC Lokomotiv wish Sergey Gurenko happy birthday! Sergey, good luck as coach, good  health, felicity and love from our family.

In the 1/8 of Kubok Rossii, Lokomotiv will play on October 29th in Ufa.

Today there have been the draws for the 1/8 of Kubok Rossii. 

By the results, Lokomotiv will face Ufa. The game will be played away in Ufa on Wednesday October 29th.

Monday 29 September 2014

Corluka, Fernandes, Boussoufa and N'Doye have been called by National Teams.

Lokomotiv Defender Vedran Corluka, midfielders Manuel Fernandes and Mbark Boussoufa, and striker Dame N'Doye will take part to their National Teams duties in October. 

Corluka Croatia National Team is preparing the qualifying matches for Euro 2016  away against Bulgaria (October 10th) and home against Azerbaijan (October 13rd). 

Portugal of Fernandes will play a friendly game against France away (October 11st) and a qualifying match vs Denmark (October 14th). 

Boussoufa has been called by Morocco National Team, and with them he will play two friendly home games vs Central African Republic (October 9th) and Kenya (October 13rd). Morocco is the host country of 2015 African Cup of Nations. 

At the same time, the Senegal National Team of Dame N'Doye in the qualifying round of CAN 2015 will play two matches against Tunisia for the leadership in the group. On October 10th the game will be played in Dakar, while on 15th in away. The final stage will played in Morocco by the first two in each group, plus the best third. In the extended convocations was called also Baye Oumar Niasse, who hasn't been confirmed.

Corluka scored the first double in his career.

Lokomotiv Defender Vedran Corluka, last Sunday, scored two goals against Amkar, making the first double in his career.

Now, so far, Corluka has scored 4 goals in Lokomotiv. Previously, the Croatian scored also in Dinamo Zagreb (7 goals), Inter Zapresic (4 goals), English Manchester City and Tottenham (1 goals), and in Croatia National Team (4 goals), but this was the first time that he has scored two goals.

Sunday 28 September 2014

Memorial day of Viktor Sokolov.

Today, the legendary striker of Lokomotiv and the best goal scorer in Soviet championship Viktor Zakharovich Sokolov could be 82 years old. 

Although Viktor Sokolov arrived in "the big football" late, he was immediately prized. The 23 years old forward was luck to play in Lokomotiv of Fifties, which were one of the best clubs of the championship. He played together with players such Valentin Bubukin, Viktor Voroshilov, Vitaliy Artemyov and other famous Soviet players. Viktor won the Soviet Cup in 1957 and the silver medal with Lokomotiv in 1959. 

Viktor was a real famous bomber, who scored from different positions. Sokolov scored so much, that he became not only the top scorer of Lokomotiv, but he scored also the high number of goals in International friendly matches in Russia. 

In Lokomotiv, Viktor played almost all of his career. He spent only a year in Dnepropetrovsk, in 1964. Sokolov was a real 'Railroader', who never left Lokomotiv. Today we pay homage to a legendary forwardEternal glory to a great men!

Igor Cherevchenko: "During the rest, I asked players to play faster".

Igor Cherevchenko in the post-game press-conference spoke about the match against Amkar (3-1), underlining that the changes after the rest, helped the team get over the defense of opponent. 

- In the first half, it was difficult to attack: Amkar defended with all the team - said Cherevchenko. - We wanted to surmount this situation, but we didn't reach to score. During the rest, I asked players to play faster and accelerate the move of the ball. We guessed on the sides and on free kicks, trying on play between Amkar's lines. 

- Why Guilherme and Pavlyuchenko didn't play? 
- Guilherme today was on the bench due to the limit, while Pavlyuchenko had a slight problem with the back.

Lokomotiv - Amkar 3-1.

From the game in Kubok Rossii against Sibir', Igor Cherevchenko made two changes: Dame N'Doye was the striker instead of Oumar Niasse, while Alexander Samedov returned in the first XI for Sergey Tkachyov

As the home side, Loko started the match attacking. The first dangerous opportunity was created by Samedov. His assist released Maicon, who sent the ball over the crossbar.

A few minutes later, the Brazilian technically run over the side, passed the ball Vitaliy Denisov, who served Roman Shishkin, which kick in the area was blocked. 

Before the rest, Loko could take the lead. N'Doye hit the external of the post, while the head kick of Vedran Corluka was taken by Gerus.

Also Amkar were dangerous. Takazov potentially made a free kick, which was warded of by Ilya Abaev; the reject then was taken by Alexander Sheshukov

In the second half, both teams started attacking. After a chance with Samedov and Maicon, Lokomotiv scored twice. The first goal was scored head by Corluka after a corner of Boussoufa; the second instead was made by Niasse after an assist of Samedov. 

Amkar in less than 10 minutes answered and thanks to Jovicic, the club from Perm' found the 2-1 with a kick that surprised Abaev. 

After 180 seconds, Loko closed the game. Samedov made a free kick towards the goalkeeper, Corluka anticipated all the players and made his personal double. 

Although Loko had other opportunities, the three goals were enough to win and earn three important points. 

Lokomotiv - Amkar 3:1 (0:0)

Goals: Corluka, 66 (1:0). Niasse, 68 (2:0). Jovicic, 74 (2:1). Corluka, 77 (3:1). 

Lokomotiv: Abaev, Shishkin, Corluka, Durica, Denisov, Sheshukov, Fernandes (Mykhalyk, 80), Samedov, Boussoufa, Maicon (Al. Miranchuk, 86), N'Doye (Niasse , 46). 

Amkar: Gerus, Takazov, Cherenchikov, Phibel, Zanev, Jovicic, Dzakhov, Balanovich, Kolomeytsev, Kireev (Solomatin, 60), Ogude (Jakubko, 72). 

Yellow cards: Boussoufa, 17.

Referee: Vladislav Bezborodov (Saint Petersburg). 

September 28th. Moscow. Lokomotiv Stadium. 8.851 spectators.

Saturday 27 September 2014

Preview Lokomotiv - Amkar.

Локомотив // АМКАР
Sunday, September 28th 2014
(Lokomotiv Stadium, Moscow)
14.00 Lokomotiv Moscow - Amkar Perm'
Referee: Vladislav Bezborodov (Saint Petersburg).
Assistants: Nikolay Golubev (Saint Petersburg) and Vladislav Nazarov (Nevinnomyssk).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Inspector: Sergey Zuev (Moscow).
Delegate: Aleksander Razinskij (Moscow).

Lokomotiv - Amkar 0-0
Amkar - Lokomotiv 0-1: 29' Parks. 
Lokomotiv - Amkar 1-1: 84' Izmailov; 23' Paramonov. 
Amkar - Lokomotiv 3-4: 19' Kushev, 43' Leonchenko (rig.), 45'+1 Kushev; 52' Bilyaletdinov (rig.), 58' Bilyaletdinov (rig.), 75' Izmailov, 90'+2 Lebedenko.
Lokomotiv - Amkar 0-0
Amkar - Lokomotiv 1-3: 23' Grishin; 9' O'Connor, 55' Shaker, 78' Ivanovic. 
Lokomotiv - Amkar 0-1: 33' Savin. 
Amkar - Lokomotiv 1-0: 52' Grishin. 
Lokomotiv - Amkar 0-1: 56' Peev.
Amkar - Lokomotiv 0-0

Amkar - Lokomotiv 1-1: 63' Sikimich; 67' Sychev (rig.).
Lokomotiv - Amkar 1-0: 90' Sychev.
Lokomotiv - Amkar 2-0: 17' Aliev, 80' Maicon.
Amkar - Lokomotiv 1-2: 22' Topchu; 78' Aliev (rig.), 88' Rodolfo. 
Amkar - Lokomotiv 1-0: 25' Ristic. 
Lokomotiv - Amkar 4-0: 32' Loskov, 40' Glushakov, 48' Sychev, 79' Minchenkov. 
Lokomotiv - Amkar 1-236' Pavlyuchenko; 25' Peev; 90'+4 Picuşceac.
Amkar - Lokomotiv 2-4: 24' Georgiev, 90'+3 Sirakov; 45' Aleksey Miranchuk, 53' N'Doye (rig.), 64' Torbinskiy, 68' Yanbaev. 
Lokomotiv - Amkar 4-0: 7' N'Doye, 39' Maicon, 57' Shishkin, 86' Pavlyuchenko.
Amkar - Lokomotiv 0-0

AbsentsBelyaev (injured), Logashov (injured).
In doubt: Tigorev (injured), Tarasov (injured)

Lokomotiv: 10.
Amkar: 12.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: Kirill Dementiev.


A match against Amkar is always difficult. The club from Perm', year after year, demonstrated his value and tenacity. Although they started this RPL not very well, former Loko coach Slavoljub Muslin has already found the right tactics with his players.

So far they have won two very important games for Amkar fans: against Spartak and in the derby against Ural. In the last match they lost after the penalties vs the ambitious Tosno in the Kubok Rossii. We remember, instead, that Loko passed the turn after the success in Novosibirsk against Sibir'. The Serbian coach, as usual, sets up each game defensively. With the injury of Jakubko, who has just returned, he has often played without a striker, and it's probably that in Cherkizovo he will repeat the same tactics.

As goalkeeper, Gerus has surmounted Narubin, while the really experienced Cherenchikov and Belorukov are the defenders that controlled the others. The direction of midfield has been taken by Dzakhov, who usually plays with Gol and Jovicic. On the bands, Kireev and very good Balanovich might be very dangerous. As striker is going to play one between Ogude, Solomatin and Kolomeytsev. 

Cherevchenko, after the draw against Mordoviya, could change something. Abaev played well in Siberia, and so he's the favorite, also for the limit. In the center of the pitch, with Tarasov again in doubt, the trio Sheshukov-Fernandes-Miranchuk could be a good option. Samedov is the leader on the right, with N'Doye and Durica that might return in the first XI.

Lokomotiv (4-1-4-1)
Yanbaev - Corluka - Durica - V. Denisov
Samedov - Miranchuk - Fernandes - Maicon
Amkar (4-5-1)
Belorukov Cherenchikov - Phibel - Wawrzyniak
Balanovich - Gol - Dzakhov - Jovicic Kireev

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Igor Cherevchenko: "We really needed this win".

Igor Cherevchenko in the post-game press-conference spoke about the match against Sibir' (1-3), admitting that in the team there were some tensions. He also said that the win could give more trust to the players. 

- The Kubok matches are always very stressful, independently by the teams. The favorites are only on paper, because the matches could reveal something else. The players really felt this game. The change of a coach is always stressful for players, but we have a strong spirit and professional players with experience. All will be good. We really needed this win.

- Why didn't Samedov play in the first XI? 
- For medical reasons. The doctors decided that he couldn't start the match. 

- Is the win of today the start to get over the difficulties emerged in the team? 
- I think so, I'd like to believe in it. I say it again, we really needed this win.

- Did the team play in the maximum power or it preserved the forces? 
- Yes, we can say that thanks to the experience, the players controlled the rhythm of the match. The game was under our control.

Sibir' - Lokomotiv 1-3.

Loko arrived yesterday night in Novosibirsk and only Dame N'Doye and Renat Yanbaev stayed in Moscow

Igor Cherevchenko made some changes from the game against Mordoviya: Ilya Abaev, in defense Nemanja Pejcinovic substituted Jan Durica. The place of Alexander Samedov was taken by Sergey Tkachyov, while in the midfield there were Manuel Fernandes and Mbark BoussoufaFor the Moroccan, this was the first match in the season in the first XI. As striker, there was Oumar Niasse

As underlined by stats, the first half was dominated by 'Railroaders': 75% v 25% in the ball possession. Sibir' played with 5 defenders and decided to play on counterattacks. 

At about the 23', Niasse earned a penalty after a fault of Bukhryakov: Fisenko didn't falter to whistle. Boussoufa from the 11 meters scored the 0-1 against Tsygan. 

Loko continued attacking, but until the end of the first half, red-greens didn't reach to score again.

The second half started with two changes for home team: in Svezhov and Nagibin, out Zhitnev and Andrey Ivanov. Although Abaev started being attacked, at 61' Loko found the 0-2. Vitaliy Denisov sent a cross in area and Golovatenko made an own goal.

At 75', Tkachyov was substituted by Samedov, who immediately made a beautiful assist for Niasse: the Senegalese striker scored the 0-3

The Siberian didn't give up and after a mistake of Sheshukov, Markosov made the 1-3. 

After this goal, Abaev launched Niasse, who dribbled two defenders and wasted a chance then against Tsygan. 

In the final minutes, Loko controlled the match and reached to qualify. In the 1/8 of Kubok Rossii, Lokomotiv will face Ufa, who won v Yenisey. The game will be played on October 29-30th, the exact day and the place will be decided later.

Sibir' - Lokomotiv 1:3 (0:1) 

Goals: Boussoufa, 24 - penalty (0:1). Golovatenko, 61 - own goal (0:2). Niasse, 78 (0:3). Markosov, 79 (1:3).

Sibir': Tsygan, Vychodil, Golovatenko, Bukhryakov, Margasov (Skorohodov, 76), Andrey Ivanov (Nagibin, 46), Edunov, Gladyshev, Astafyev, Zhitnev (Svezhov, 46), Markosov. 

Lokomotiv: Abaev, Shishkin, Corluka, Pejcinovic, Denisov, Sheshukov, Fernandes, Tkachyov (Samedov 76), Boussoufa, Maicon, Niasse.

Yellow cards: Astafyev, 24. Bukhryakov, 26. Shishkin, 52. Gladyshev, 70. Svezhov, 71.

Referee: Andrey Fisenko (Vladivostok). 

September 24th. Novosibirsk. Spartak Stadium.

Monday 22 September 2014

Preview Sibir' - Lokomotiv.

СИБИРЬ // Локомотив
Wednesday, September 24th 2014
(Spartak Stadium, Novosibirsk)
14.00 Sibir' Novosibirsk - Lokomotiv Moscow
Referee: Andrey Fisenko (Vladivostok).
Assistants: Sergey Arkhipov (Ul'yanovsk) and Artur Zaynagutdinov (Ufa).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Inspector: Aleksey Rumyantsev (Saint Petersburg).

No precedents in Kubok Rossii.

AbsentsBelyaev (injured), Logashov (injured).
In doubt: Tigorev (injured), Tarasov (injured)

Sibir': 17 (in FNL).
Lokomotiv: 10 (in RPL).

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-Sportbox.ru. Commentators: Aleksander Netsenko.

Lokomotiv have met only two times, in RPL, Sibir'. In both cases, the game finished with a draw (1:1 in Moscow, 2:2 in Novosibirsk). Logashov, who won't take part to the match, has grown up in Sibir'.

After 10 games in RPL, Lokomotiv now are going to start another competition. Kubok Rossii is one of the most attractive trophy worldwide and on Wednesday, 'Railroaders' will face Sibir'

Although in Cherkizovo in this moment, the main problem regards the choice of new coach, the main cup of Russia mustn't be ignored. It gives a pass for Europa League and permit to win a prestigious title, which has been won for the last time by Loko in 2007. 

As usual, the Kubok allows the clubs not only to visit Russia, but also the coaches to make some turnover. In fact, this is a great opportunity for all the young players that merit a chance to play in the main team. In this way we can wait some surprises in the match at Spartak Stadium.

The first element of reserves that must fly to Novosibirsk is Arshak Koryan. So far he has scored 9 goals and made 3 assists in the reserves championship after 8 games, and it's probably that Cherevchenko could give him a slot in the first XI. With him, eye to Seraskhov, Makarov and maybe Barinov and Chukanov. The Tajik coach could give some minutes to the players that haven't been used a lot so far as Abaev, Mykhalyk and Pejcinovic. Denisov could be changed with Shishkin, while in the midfield Cherevchenko has to play again with Sheshukov and Fernandes. Miranchuk is confirmed, and maybe his brother could play in the second half. Kasaev is the favorite on the left.

Sibir' in this moment play in FNL and after 10 games they are 17th with 4 wins and 6 defeats. They drew 1-1 in the last match, the Siberian derby against Tom' Tomsk, and the goal was scored by Edunov. The coach, Kirsanov, could play as Loko with a sort of 4-2-3-1. As goalkeeper Tsygan is favorite on the 'Russian Cech' Trunin. The left could be formed by two former Loko players: Ivanov and Zinovyev, while on the right could play the expert Astafyev plus the young Gladyshev. In the center of the pitch, Kirsanov could point on the Moldovan couple Golovatenko-Cebotaru. With them, usually there are captain Vychodil and Nagibin. Dudolev is a sort of Miranchuk, namely the most talented player of Sibir'; Adamov could be the striker instead of Markasov. 

In Novosibirsk, as always, there will be a great atmosphere: the Spartak Stadium is ready.

Sibir' (4-2-3-1)
Gladyshev - Golovatenko - Vychodil - Ivanov
Cebotaru - Nagibin
Astafyev - Dudolev - Zinovyev
Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1)
Shishkin - Mykhalyk - Pejcinovic - Yanbaev
Sheshukov - Fernandes
Koryan - Aleksey Miranchuk - Kasaev