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Sunday 7 September 2014

Three years since Yaroslavl tragedy.

Today is the third anniversary of the terrible tragedy that affected all the country. On September 7th 2011 in a plane accident near Yaroslavl, all Lokomotiv Team of hockey died. 

The memories of that tragic days are still alive in the pain. All the Russian sport and the Lokomotiv family were really worried about the plane crash in Yaroslavl and have tried doing all was possible for the families of victims, who weren't let alone. 

This a sad day not only for the employees of the club, but also the technical staff and all the players say their condolence to the families and friends of victims. The memory of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl will be always in our hearts. Today we cry with Yaroslavl and with the world of hockey. 

Eternal memory of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl.

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