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Monday, 22 September 2014

Preview Sibir' - Lokomotiv.

СИБИРЬ // Локомотив
Wednesday, September 24th 2014
(Spartak Stadium, Novosibirsk)
14.00 Sibir' Novosibirsk - Lokomotiv Moscow
Referee: Andrey Fisenko (Vladivostok).
Assistants: Sergey Arkhipov (Ul'yanovsk) and Artur Zaynagutdinov (Ufa).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Inspector: Aleksey Rumyantsev (Saint Petersburg).

No precedents in Kubok Rossii.

AbsentsBelyaev (injured), Logashov (injured).
In doubt: Tigorev (injured), Tarasov (injured)

Sibir': 17 (in FNL).
Lokomotiv: 10 (in RPL).

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-Sportbox.ru. Commentators: Aleksander Netsenko.

Lokomotiv have met only two times, in RPL, Sibir'. In both cases, the game finished with a draw (1:1 in Moscow, 2:2 in Novosibirsk). Logashov, who won't take part to the match, has grown up in Sibir'.

After 10 games in RPL, Lokomotiv now are going to start another competition. Kubok Rossii is one of the most attractive trophy worldwide and on Wednesday, 'Railroaders' will face Sibir'

Although in Cherkizovo in this moment, the main problem regards the choice of new coach, the main cup of Russia mustn't be ignored. It gives a pass for Europa League and permit to win a prestigious title, which has been won for the last time by Loko in 2007. 

As usual, the Kubok allows the clubs not only to visit Russia, but also the coaches to make some turnover. In fact, this is a great opportunity for all the young players that merit a chance to play in the main team. In this way we can wait some surprises in the match at Spartak Stadium.

The first element of reserves that must fly to Novosibirsk is Arshak Koryan. So far he has scored 9 goals and made 3 assists in the reserves championship after 8 games, and it's probably that Cherevchenko could give him a slot in the first XI. With him, eye to Seraskhov, Makarov and maybe Barinov and Chukanov. The Tajik coach could give some minutes to the players that haven't been used a lot so far as Abaev, Mykhalyk and Pejcinovic. Denisov could be changed with Shishkin, while in the midfield Cherevchenko has to play again with Sheshukov and Fernandes. Miranchuk is confirmed, and maybe his brother could play in the second half. Kasaev is the favorite on the left.

Sibir' in this moment play in FNL and after 10 games they are 17th with 4 wins and 6 defeats. They drew 1-1 in the last match, the Siberian derby against Tom' Tomsk, and the goal was scored by Edunov. The coach, Kirsanov, could play as Loko with a sort of 4-2-3-1. As goalkeeper Tsygan is favorite on the 'Russian Cech' Trunin. The left could be formed by two former Loko players: Ivanov and Zinovyev, while on the right could play the expert Astafyev plus the young Gladyshev. In the center of the pitch, Kirsanov could point on the Moldovan couple Golovatenko-Cebotaru. With them, usually there are captain Vychodil and Nagibin. Dudolev is a sort of Miranchuk, namely the most talented player of Sibir'; Adamov could be the striker instead of Markasov. 

In Novosibirsk, as always, there will be a great atmosphere: the Spartak Stadium is ready.

Sibir' (4-2-3-1)
Gladyshev - Golovatenko - Vychodil - Ivanov
Cebotaru - Nagibin
Astafyev - Dudolev - Zinovyev
Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1)
Shishkin - Mykhalyk - Pejcinovic - Yanbaev
Sheshukov - Fernandes
Koryan - Aleksey Miranchuk - Kasaev

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