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From the ashes of fclm.blogfree.net, "#FCLMblog" was born on June 3rd 2012 from an idea of Stefano Conforti and it wants to reunite all the fans of this great club. "Railroaders" are historically one the most important and supported teams in Russia. Their fans are one of most active and loyal, and often they follow the team even in the away matches, where Loko can always rely on a great support. The red-greens were founded in the 1923 and they didn't miss to win some trophies, as the titles in 2002 and in 2004, until the recent Kubok Rossii in 2015.

I'll try with the other redactors to spread your knowledge about one of the most glorious teams in Russia: everything about history, players, games and other stuff you have to know about this wonderful club. I suggest you to read, to comment and to stay with us: together we are stronger. 

Thanks to everyone and Davaj Lokomotiv Moscow!


Dalle ceneri di fclm.blogfree.net, "#FCLMblog" nasce il 3 giugno 2012 da un'idea di Stefano Conforti e si propone di riunire tutti i fan di questo club. Storicamente i "Ferrovieri" sono una tra le società più importanti e tifate di tutta la Russia. I suoi sostenitori sono tra i più caldi dell'intera Madre Patria e, nel bene e nel male, si sono dimostrati molto attaccati alla propria squadra, tanto da seguirla spesso e volentieri anche in trasferta, dove la Loko nel settore ospiti fa spesso il tutto esaurito. I rossoverdi fondati nel lontano 1923 non si sono mai fatti mancare successi, dai campionati del 2002 e del 2004, sino alla recente Kubok Rossii del 2015.

Io, insieme ad altri redattori, con questo spazio cercheremo di farvi conoscere una delle squadre più gloriose della Russia: tutto su storia, giocatori, partite e quant'altro c'è da sapere su questo meraviglioso club. Mi raccomando: leggete, commentate e restate sintonizzati, visto che insieme siamo più forti.

Grazie a tutti per l'attenzione e Davaj Lokomotiv Mosca!

The team

Stefano Conforti - I started following Russian Football in 2010 because my mother is Russian, and I was curious to discover new worlds. My love for Lokomotiv Moscow began in 2010 as well. That season was Yuri Semin’s last season as head coach. I’ve been supporting ‘Railroaders’ ever since, and I’ve been trying to spread the knowledge of the club around the world. As a consequence, I started an online blog about the club, and I have recently published a magazine named "FCLM Magazine", which was the first of its kind about an East European football club.

Andy Tedrick - When Andy was born in a suburban town in Ohio, USA in 1981, no one could have predicted the path his life would take would lead him to becoming a season ticket holder for Lokomotiv and living in Moscow. But an interest in travel led him to Europe in the late 90s and his love of football blossomed from there. On his 22nd birthday, June 23rd, 2003, Andy attended his first Loko match at Cherkizovo and witnessed a 2-0 victory over Dinamo. 10 years later, he moved to Moscow permanently and a love of Loko came naturally. He now attends nearly every home match and was in Astrakhan for Loko's Russian Cup triumph, a moment he considers to be one of the greatest of his life. When Andy isn't watching and thinking about football, he enjoys cycling, swimming, reading about history, watching hockey, and mountain climbing. He climbed to the top of Mt. Elbrus, the tallest mountain in Russia and Europe, in 2013.

Ignat Negara - I'm Russian and I live in a beautiful city called Moscow. I'm 18 years old and I've been supporting Lokomotiv since 2004. I've studied economy at school in the RFTA university. I've also been in England from 2009 to 2014. There, of course, I played football and I had the opportunity to study and to improve my English as well as to know a new culture. I'd like to become a sport manager in the next future.

Ilya Sokolov - I became interested in football after the 1998 World Cup. Despite my dad wanting me to support Dynamo, I chose Lokomotiv (the name sounded great) and soon saw the team win the league for the first time in its history. Besides Loko, I also like watching Amateur League games in Moscow and its suburbs. I like traveling, which means visiting both foreign countries and small towns in Moscow region.

Kirill ZeynalovI've been supporting Lokomotiv since their first title in 2002. Since that time I'm trying following them and be somehow a part of the red-green family. I'm studying film-making in London, UK, at the moment and one of my dreams is someday to come and see Loko playing in the UK in the Europa League or in the Champions League. Apart from football and making films, I like music and photography. I strongly believe that in our life everything happens for a reason and I try to spend time learning new things.

Luke Mills - I grew up just outside of London in a place called Chatham. I support Tottenham Hotspur and I've always been interested in other clubs from around the world. I love to learn about local and national cultures through football teams, I am currently learning Russian, and in Russia, Lokomotiv have always been a favourite of mine. Now I Live in Plymouth and never get to watch Tottenham anymore apart from on TV because it is too difficult to get to games with work and my family, so, I have started watching European teams more often. I have always had an interest in writing about football and I can't wait to contribute to the FCLMblog team.

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  1. salve ragazzi!!! bella idea!

    1. Ciao, grazie. Che piacere trovare un altro italiano. Dicci qualcosa in piú su di te !

    2. ciao,nn sapevo dove scrivere perchè non ci capisco una mazza...cmq Stefano, ho trovato il tuo msg su facebook solo ora(datato 2013)..me lo aveva messo nello spam... compkimenti,bel blog e forza loko

    3. Salve Arianna. Beh, dalle mie parti si dice: "meglio tardi che mai". Sono contento che anche a distanza di un anno tu sia qui tra noi. Fa come se fossi a casa tua: leggi gli articoli e commentali pure se vuoi. E grazie per esserti presentata!

  2. una brillante idea, Stefano! hai fatto questa esperienza per la nostra Locomotiv, grande rispetto umano che da tifosi russi rosso-verde!

  3. Replies
    1. Stefano, ti piace obiettivo Izmailov in Champions League Club Monaco nel 2004? questo obiettivo è riconosciuto come uno dei migliori della Champions League http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aKOSciQtG8

    2. Of course. I remember it, what a player with great potentials is Izmailov, but he's too often injuried. We did a great match vs Monaco, we were unfortunate...

    3. You are right. In the first match of the home team played excellent) sad that we have not yet implemented the 3 chances that were in that match. But in the second match in Louis II Stadium Loko was killed the Portuguese referee. This nasty referee broke us the whole game with a red card Loskov, invented by a penalty and a goal from an offside position. It was a horrible day in our history, I cried after that game =//