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Saturday 27 June 2015

Aleksander Kolomeytsev signs for Lokomotiv.

Russian midfielder Aleksander Kolomeytsev has signed a long term contract for Lokomotiv.

The 26 years old has played the last seasons in Amkar and was one of the leaders of the team. He also played for Russia Youth Team and Russia-II. 

He will join the new teammates on Sunday before the departure for the camp in Austria. 

----------------> Kolomeytsev's Bio: HERE

Kochenkov returns to Lokomotiv.

Russian goalkeeper Anton Kochenkov has signed a long term contract for Lokomotiv. The 28 years old has been known as a solid keeper that played in many Russian clubs. In particular, he spent the last two seasons in Mordoviya (Saransk).

He has already had training with 'Railroaders' in the last days and on Sunday he will fly with the team for the Austrian camp. 

In a small interview given to the official site, Anton speaks about his time in Lokomotiv (2004-2008) and the game against Chertanovo (1:3).

- I returned home. I grew up in Lokomotiv and here I had my first experience as a football player. I know many teammates. Therefore, even the surrounding is familiar. I'm happy to return in Loko! - said Kochenkov. 

- You've already spent some days with the team. Which are your impressions about the game against Chertanovo? 
- I wanted to settle down into the team fastly. The game against Chertanovo was a good experience. It was useful for many reasons. It helped to create synergies with the new teammates. This will continue in the Austrian camp. 

Kochenkov will wear number 77 shirt. 

----------------> Kochenkov's Bio: HERE

Tuesday 23 June 2015

The Russian Super Cup will be played on 12 July.

La partita per il Super Bowl si terrà 12 luglio Russia

It became known the date for the game of Russian Super Cup between Lokomotiv and Zenit.

The match will be played on Sunday 12 July at Khimki Arena. 'Bomzhi' will be the home team. 

We remember that Lokomotiv won the Russian Cup last season, while Zenit was awarded with the RPL title. 

Lokomotiv starts RPL against Mordoviya.

«Локо» начнет чемпионат матчем с «Мордовией»

RFPL published the calendar for RPL 2015/16.

Lokomotiv starts the new season in Saransk, where 'Railroaders' will face Mordoviya. The match should be played between 17 and 20 July.

RPL's break should start after 3 December, when Lokomotiv will play the last game in 2015 against Ural for the week 18.

HERE you can find the preliminary calendar. 

Seraskhov stays in Sokol Saratov.

Lokomotiv's defender Aleksander Seraskhov stays in Sokol Saratov for another season on loan. As it was confirmed by Sokol's official site, the 21 years old has just signed a one-year contract with the white-blues. 

Seraskhov played 11 matches during the last FNL season. At the same, in August 2014 he also made his debut for Lokomotiv against Apollon, in the preliminary round of Europa League 2014/15.

Monday 22 June 2015

Igor Cherevchenko: "Our task for the season is to qualify for European football".

Igor Cherevchenko: Obiettivo per la stagione - ha colpito nella zona UEFA

In the today's open training in Bakovka, Lokomotiv's Head Coach Igor' Cherevchenko answered to the media's questions. 

- Which are your main aims in this first camp?
- The whole team will be available on 26 June. We need to prepare physically the squad and to have a common denominator. At the same time, I have a link with National teams' players - they've got a program that can help them to prepare for the camp in Austria. 

- Which are the tasks for the next season?
- As usual, we want to be qualified for European football. 

- Pavlyuchenko left the team. Is he a loss?
- Yes, but there many other forwards. We've got a team. I don't want to make a tragedy for the departure of a single player. Pavlyuchenko had a good final of the season, but this is football. Someone arrives, someone leaves. 

- There were some rumors that linked to a possible move of Niasse to Galatasaray. Do you want to keep him?
- I've already spoken with Niasse. Despite wanting to keep Oumar, I can't assure him that he'll be in the starting line up.

- Which positions do you want to reinforce?
- I want to reinforce the central zone.

- Are you thinking to bring fans back to the Stadium?
- Of course, I'd like to see many fans on the stands. If they want, we can meet. 

Friday 19 June 2015

Ruslan Pimenov: "The departure of Pavlyuchenko isn't a loss for Lokomotiv."

According to former Lokomotiv's striker Ruslan Pimenov, the departure of Roman Pavlyuchenko wouldn't be a problem for Lokomotiv. 

"Although the board offered him a new contract, he refused considering his wage would be decreased three times, which is still quite good. This decision probably informed Lokomotiv that his departure isn't a loss. 

I'm sure, he's waiting for a better offer - continued - I think, some clubs with FFP or money problems will be interested in him. Pavlyuchenko can still play for at least two years" - said Pimenov to rsport.ru.

Pavlyuchenko leaves Lokomotiv.

Roman Pavlyuchenko lascia il "Locomotive"

Russian forward Roman Pavlyuchenko, who has been playing in Lokomotiv since 2012, will leave the team. Although the board proposed him a new contract, the two parts weren't able to find an agreement. 

We want to thank with Roman for his years in Lokomotiv. He has been one of the greatest forwards in the history of Russian Premier League, winning also a Russian Cup with 'Railroaders'. We want to wish him a good future and all the best in his new team!

Pavlyuchenko's Bio in Italian: HERE.

Thursday 18 June 2015

Lokomotiv returned from holidays.

"Locomotiva" è andato dalle vacanze

On Wednesday 17 June, Lokomotiv players returned from holidays and had medicals in one of the hospitals of the capital. 

The players that were engaged with National Teams had the possibility to join the team later. Although the break, the squad seemed rest. 

In particular, Lokomotiv's doctor Nikita Karlitskij assured that each player is ready for the new season: "Medicals are taken every six months to verify the status of players and to discover whether they are healthy or not. In this moment, everyone is healthy and is ready for the camps. And also for now victories."

This was confirmed by Serbian defender Nemanja Pejcinovic: "I spent my holidays in Serbia. I also visited Montenegro. We're ready to train and to prepare a successful season. We want to do better than the past one. Lokomotiv will play in three competitions - Europa League, Russian Cup and RPL. We can do it!"

This summer, Lokomotiv will have several friendly matches, including the ones in the camp in Austria, that will start on 28 June. 

All goals and assists of 2014/15 season.

Despite being a bit late, Lokomotiv Mosca Blog provides you all the stats of goals and assist of the season, including the Russian Cup and the Europa League's preliminary round. Enjoy them. And don't forget to watch the videos!

Top scorer.
7 goals: Fernandes.
6 goals: Niasse.
4 goals: Kasaev, N'Doye, Pavlyuchenko, Samedov.
3 goals: Skuletic, Boussoufa.
2 goals: Corluka, Aleksey Miranchuk.

Football pictogram.svg
Top assist leaders.
5 assists: Samedov, Boussoufa.
2 assists: Denisov, Shishkin, Fernandes, Kasaev.
1 assist: Yanbaev, Niasse, Mykhalyk, Aleksey Miranchuk, Pavlyuchenko, Maicon, Pejcinovic, Corluka.

Monday 15 June 2015

FCLM magazine #1.

Dear readers, 

I'm proud to announce the creation of “FCLM Magazine”, the first English magazine about an East European football club. I got the idea for the magazine a long time ago, and now it is finally ready to be published. 

First of all, I'd like to thank everybody who contributed to this ambitious project. I would in particular like to thank Dmitrij, Ilya and the collegues of Russian Football News. “FCLM Magazine” is the first magazine of its kind and I'm sure it'll inspire other people. We have tried our best to cover interesting topics such as the amazing victory in Russian Cup against Kuban as well as the anniversary of the 2005 Super Cup victory against Terek Grozny. 

We faced, and overcame, many problems during the development of this project, and the target of the “FCLM magazine” is to become the new datum point for all Lokomotiv fans around the world. 

We want to keep on developing and improving the magazine, so if you have any comments or advice we'll be very happy to hear from you. You can contact me at stefano_com@hotmail.it or comment on lokomotivmosca.blogspot.com, the only blog for Lokomotiv's English speaking fans. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this magazin. Thanks again.


Here you can find the first number of the magazine completely free.

And also don't miss the entire section in our header!

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Vedran Corluka was named the player of the season.

Vedran Corluka - il miglior giocatore di "locomotiva" della stagione!

Vedran Corluka was named the player of the season by fans after an online poll taken on the official site and on the official Vkontakte page. The Croatian defender got 1461 votes, which corresponds to about the 36,9%.

The second place was taken by Aleksey Miranchuk, who was voted by 783 persons - 19,9%. The third one, instead, was Vitalij Denisov, 504 votes - 12,7%.

In the graphic below, you can find the results. 

Manuel Fernandes was the fourth one - 418 votes, 10,5%. In the end, Brazilian goalkeeper Marinato Guilherme was the fifth one. He was voted by 288 persons or 7,2%.

3949 people voted totally in the poll.

Saturday 6 June 2015

Roman Shishkin hold a children tournament in Voronezh.

In Voronezh, torneo di calcio per bambini tenuto da Roman Shishkin

A children tournament has recently finished in Voronezh, it was hold by Roman Shishkin.

16 teams participated to the competition and all the players were born either in 2006 or in 2007. The gold medal was won by team "Voronezh".

"I'd like to congratulate with the guys for the prizes. This was a feast for all of them. Once, I also was like them, when I started my career in Fakel Voronezh. Thanks to my friends Denis Glushakov, Vitalij Lystsov and Sergey Ryzhkov that came here to support me in this project! I was very pleased to take this tournament in my hometown!" - said Roman Shishkin

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Igor' Cherevchenko is the new Lokomotiv Head Coach.

Nuovo allenatore della "Locomotiva" sarà Igor Cherevchenko

Lokomotiv's president Olga Smorodskaya announced the name of the new Lokomotiv Head Coach.

"I can officially say that Igor' Cherevchenko will be the new Lokomotiv Head Coach. In the next future, the contract will be signed with him. He will prepare the next season. The technical staff includes Oleg Pashinin and Sarkis Oganesyan."

His biography: HERE.