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Monday, 22 June 2015

Igor Cherevchenko: "Our task for the season is to qualify for European football".

Igor Cherevchenko: Obiettivo per la stagione - ha colpito nella zona UEFA

In the today's open training in Bakovka, Lokomotiv's Head Coach Igor' Cherevchenko answered to the media's questions. 

- Which are your main aims in this first camp?
- The whole team will be available on 26 June. We need to prepare physically the squad and to have a common denominator. At the same time, I have a link with National teams' players - they've got a program that can help them to prepare for the camp in Austria. 

- Which are the tasks for the next season?
- As usual, we want to be qualified for European football. 

- Pavlyuchenko left the team. Is he a loss?
- Yes, but there many other forwards. We've got a team. I don't want to make a tragedy for the departure of a single player. Pavlyuchenko had a good final of the season, but this is football. Someone arrives, someone leaves. 

- There were some rumors that linked to a possible move of Niasse to Galatasaray. Do you want to keep him?
- I've already spoken with Niasse. Despite wanting to keep Oumar, I can't assure him that he'll be in the starting line up.

- Which positions do you want to reinforce?
- I want to reinforce the central zone.

- Are you thinking to bring fans back to the Stadium?
- Of course, I'd like to see many fans on the stands. If they want, we can meet. 

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