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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Vedran Corluka was named the player of the season.

Vedran Corluka - il miglior giocatore di "locomotiva" della stagione!

Vedran Corluka was named the player of the season by fans after an online poll taken on the official site and on the official Vkontakte page. The Croatian defender got 1461 votes, which corresponds to about the 36,9%.

The second place was taken by Aleksey Miranchuk, who was voted by 783 persons - 19,9%. The third one, instead, was Vitalij Denisov, 504 votes - 12,7%.

In the graphic below, you can find the results. 

Manuel Fernandes was the fourth one - 418 votes, 10,5%. In the end, Brazilian goalkeeper Marinato Guilherme was the fifth one. He was voted by 288 persons or 7,2%.

3949 people voted totally in the poll.


  1. It's justly , cause Charlie is great!

    1. Yeah, I agree with you and fans. Charlie was amazing! In my opinion, he's the best defender in RPL!