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Saturday 31 October 2015

Preview Kuban' - Lokomotiv.

Кубань  Локомотив
Sunday, November 1st 2015
(Kuban' Stadium, Krasnodar)
17.00 Kuban' Krasnodar Lokomotiv Moscow
Referee: Sergey Lapochkin (Saint Petersburg).
Assistants: Andrey Glot (Yaroslavl) and Dmitrij Zhvakin (Saint Petersburg).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Delegate: Anatoliy Drobyshev (Rostov-on-Don).
Inspector: Igor' Siner (Omsk).

Lokomotiv - Kuban' 3-0: 15' Khokhlov, 42' Sychev, 45' Loskov. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 2-1: 15' Ricardo Lago, 62' Ricardo Lago; 67' Khokhlov. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 0-0
Lokomotiv - 
Kuban' 2-3: 25' Sychev (pen.), 76' Dramane Traore; 39' Petkov, 66' Ushenin, 79' Ushenin. 2009
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 1-0: 90' Dramani. 
Lokomotiv - 
Kuban' 4-1: 69' Sychev, 71' Odemwingie, 73' Cocis, 87' Wagner; 62' Tlisov.
Lokomotiv - Kuban' 2-1: 6' Maicon, 62' Ibricic; 83' Lacina Traore. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 0-1: 36' Caicedo.
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 1-1: 74' Pizzelli; 62' Pavlyuchenko. 
Lokomotiv - Kuban' 0-1: 71' Bucur. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 0-0
Lokomotiv - Kuban' 1-0: 49' Tarasov. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 1-3: 5' Maicon, 14' Corluka, 31' Boussoufa, 90' Cissè.
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 2-1: 26' Melgarejo, 40' Sunjic; 76' Fernandes (pen.).
Lokomotiv - Kuban' 2-1: 87' Fernandes; 22' Baldè. 

AbsentsPejcinovic (injured ), Tarasov (injured).
In doubt: Corluka (injured), Mykhalyk (injured).

Kuban' Krasnodar: 14.
Lokomotiv: 2.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: Vladislav Baturin.


From Kuban' to Kuban'. The last match of the RPL 2014/15 was definitely useless for Lokomotiv. A season later, the game against the yellow-greens is crucial for many reasons. In fact, 'Railroaders' have lost  the last two games in a row and now they're waited for a reaction. 

Kuban' has started its season with our former midfielder Dmitriy Khokhlov as head coach. However, the society decided not to give him the right time to gain the maximum from the players. As a consequence, Khokhlov has been replaced by Sergey Tashuev, who brought Anzhi back to RPL last season. Under the former Salyut Belgorod head coach, Kuban' has started playing much better, earning many good results. 

In their last game, Kuban' defeated Spartak in the 1/8 of the Russian Cup thanks to an header of Melgarejo. In RPL, instead, they come from three draws in a row against Anzhi, Zenit and Mordoviya

However, Tashuev has got many problems to face for the tomorrow's match. Tlisov and Rabiu will surely miss the game due the red cards they were given against Mordoviya. Kulik will be absent too because he has already ended his season for a serious injury. Therefore, in the midfield should play Karetnik and Yakuba, who are two of the biggest talents in the Kuban's squad. Xandao could miss the game after he broke his nose in Saransk. 

Arshavin and the big ex Pavlyuchenko are both doubtful. Tashuev said: "I don't know if Arshavin plays or not against Lokomotiv. After the game vs Spartak, he had again some small problems. Pavlyuchenko, instead, has just recovered from a serious injury. He will help us soon."

The most in form player in Kuban is Melgarejo without a doubt. He's one of the RPL's top scorers and I'm sure he'll join a Russian top tier soon. He should play as striker instead of Balde, whose performance have recently been disappointing. 

Lokomotiv, instead, hasn't won the last three matches in a row. This series mustn't be continued. Cherevchenko isn't allowed to make other mistakes, especially after the elimination in the Russian Cup. Compared to the game against Amkar, many players should return in the starting line-up. Corluka and Mykhalyk are doubtful and it's difficult they'll be risked before the Europa League match against Besiktas. Therefore, Cherevchenko should confirm the couple made up by Logashov and Durica. Aleksey Miranchuk, instead, should be preferred over Fernandes

Given that the game will be very tough, Lokomotiv must pay attention to each detail. Kuban' usually plays very well in Krasnodar, making its opponent often in trouble. We don't let them to play the football they want. We must take the three points. Vpered Loko. 

Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1)
Shishkin -  Logashov - Durica - Denisov
N'Dinga - Kolomeytsev
Samedov - Al Miranchuk - Kasaev
Kuban' Krasnodar (4-2-3-1)
Manolev - Armas - Xandao - Bugaev 
Karetnik - Yakuba 
Ignatjev - Tkachyov - Khubulov 

Friday 30 October 2015

Samedov and Tarasov were called by the Russia national team.

Samedov e Tarasov convocati per la squadra russa

Lokomotiv's midfielders Dmitriy Tarasov and Aleksander Samedov were called by the Russia national team for the games against Portugal and Croatia

The training will start on November 10 under the coaching of Leonid Slutsky. 

Thursday 29 October 2015

The Cherkizovo Report: Amkar 1 Lokomotiv 0

Lokomotiv's title defense came crashing to a halt tonight as the red and green fielded a heavily weakened lineup and were upended by Amkar who wanted the win slightly more than we did. The bench was emptied as Abaev, Logashov, Barinov, Yanbaev, and Skuletic all got the start among a handful of more regular players.

The team gave free tickets for the central sectors to anyone wearing green tonight as part of a special promotion to try and get some fans in the stadium and I think it was mildly successful as an announced crowd of 8,000+ turned out. I used this occasion to change my regular seat in the south sector and see the stadium from a different perspective which was the highlight of the night for me.

Loko didn't seem too interested in the first half and only manged a couple of chances from a Fernandes strike and a Maicon shot which bounced goalwards off a defender. The ball was given away much too easily in midfield and we failed to use the flanks effectively, our usual strength. Amkar held the advantage in possession and seemed camped in our end at times, though didn't pose any major threat.

Things opened up a bit more in the 2nd half and Grigoryev, who came on at the half for Kasaev, almost opened the scoring with a shot taken after his header deflected back to him off a free kick. In the 57th minute though, the visitors took the advantage when Dzhikiya launched a spectacular free kick past Abaev for a 1-0 lead. This woke up the Railwaymen and Miranchuk and Niasse were brought on to try to save the game. Unfortunately, sloppy passing and a failure to keep meaningful possession along with frustrating time wasting tactics by Amkar drained the clock, but a strong Niasse header off of a corner kick nearly equalized the game in the dying moments. Unfortunately, it was straight at the 'keeper and we were eliminated.

Today, Loko showed that the Cup was not a priority this season and the team prefers to make more headway in the league and in Europe. I understand it, but I love cup competetions and it's disapppointing to see the defending champions be eliminated with barely a whimper, especially when it's our best chance for a trophy this year. Also, that makes two losses for us in four days with zero goals scored. Is it something to worry about? We'll see, but let's hope the rest does the primary starters good and they grab some important points in their two huge away matches next week in away at Kuban and in Istanbul.

Igor Cherevchenko: "Congratulations to Amkar for the victory".

Cherevchenko: Congratulazioni "Amkar" con la vittoria

Igor Cherevchenko in the post-game press-conference spoke about the game against Amkar (0:1), resuming it. 

- Amkar played a good game, they mainly acted in the defense. They made a good gift to Gadzhiev. Congratulations to Amkar for the victory. They deserved it. We can't play the whole match creating only a chance when Niasse entered on the pitch. In the first half we kicked only one time, while in the second half three times. We shouldn't worry about this. The life goes on. Unfortunately, we were eliminated from the Russian Cup, but we are still playing in two tournaments - the RPL and the Europa League. We'll make our conclusions and we'll prepare the next game. 

- How did Barinov play? Did he make many mistakes?
- I don't want to make drastic conclusions now. He's a young player that got an opportunity in the main team. Everyone makes mistakes. Even the elder players. Dima has played well to be the first time. 

- Lokomotiv have completely changed compared to the game against Rostov...
- Many players were tired, we've got many matches now. There were many injured players and I don't want new ones. I want to underline that we don't have "main" or "reserves" players: we support each other. 

Lokomotiv - Amkar 0:1.

"Locomotiva" performance finiti in Coppa di Russia

Lokomotiv was defeated by Amkar in the 1/8 of the Russian Cup. 

Before the game, each fans that brought with him a Lokomotiv's accessory or was simply worn by green could have attended the match for free. This was a clear strategy in order to guarantee the team a good support from the stands. 

Amkar started the game very actively. They wanted to take a revenge for the 3:0 they suffered at Cherkizovo a couple of weeks ago and also to celebrate the 70th birthday of their coach Gadzhiev. After only 15 minutes, the 'Permyaki' kicked 5 corners and Prudnikov could have opened the score.

Lokomotiv relied on Maicon and Kasaev, but neither the Brazilian nor the Russian were good tonight.

After the break, Kasaev was replaced by Grigorjev, who immediately created a dangerous chance to Selikhov

Thanks to the Amkar goalkeeper, the Gadzhiev's team was able to keep a clean sheet. The only goal of the match was scored by Georgiy Dzhikiya, who beat Abaev with an amazing free kick. 

Then, Lokomotiv tried to draw the score, but both Skuletic and Niasse weren't accurate. 

Lokomotiv was eliminated from the Russian Cup.

Russian Cup. 1/8
"Lokomotiv" - "Amkar" - 0:1 (0:0) 
Goal: Dzhikiya, 57
"Lokomotiv": Abaev, Denisov, Durica, Logashov, Yanbaev, Barinov, Kolomeytsev, Kasaev (Grigorjev, 46), Maicon, Fernandes (Al Miranchuk, 65) Skuletic (Niasse, 68), 
"Amkar": Selikhov, Butko, Zanev, Cherenchikov, Dzhikiya, Izunna, Ogude, Gol, Idowu (Zaytsev, 76), Balanovich, Prudnikov (Salugin, 86) 
Yellow cards: Barinov, 28. Cherenchikov, 53. Maicon, 92. Selikhov, 93.
Referee: Sergey Kulikov (Saransk ) 
29 October. Moscow. Lokomotiv Stadium

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Anton Kochenkov joins FC Krasnodar on loan.

Коченков перешел в «Краснодар»

Anton Kochenkov joins FC Krasnodar on loan until the end of the season in order to replace Andrey Sinitsyn

Kochenkov arrived today in Krasnodar and will play with number 16 shirt. He already can take part in the RPL and Russian Cup games. He'll be included in the Europa League's squad soon. 

Here, his first words as a FC Krasnodar player: "Everything happened unexpectedly. Yesterday I was training with the team, when the sports director Kirill Kotov asked me if I would have liked to play in Krasnodar on loan. He explained that Sinitsyn got injured and they urgently needed a replacement. Today I accepted the offer and I flew to Krasnodar. I hope to help the team for the rest of the season."

HERE you can find the full biography of Kochenkov in English.

Preview Lokomotiv - Amkar.

Локомотив  Амкар
Thursday, October 29th 2015
(Lokomotiv Stadium, Moscow)
17.00 Lokomotiv Moscow Amkar Perm'
Referee: Sergey Kulikov (Saransk).
Assistants: Igor' Demeshko (Khimki) and Nikolay Bogach (Lyubertsy).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Inspector: Andrey Budogosskij (Moscow).
Delegate: ? (?).

Lokomotiv - Amkar 0-0 (3-1, penalties)

AbsentsPejcinovic (injured ), Tarasov (injured).
In doubt: Corluka (injured), Mykhalyk (injured).

Lokomotiv: 2.
Amkar: 11.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: Yuriy Rozanov.


Will the first home defeat against Rostov affect the rest of the season? We hope not. The tomorrow's match against Amkar in the 1/8 of the Russian Cup represents a good opportunity to react and to prepare the Sunday's match vs Kuban' in the best mood. 

In the 1/16, Amkar defeated Spartak Nalchik 0:2 without too many problems thanks to the goals of Jovicic and Balanovich. Both the Serbian and the Belorussian should be included in the starting line-up tomorrow. In fact, Gadzhiev (who has recently celebrated his 70th birthday, congratulations) shouldn't make a big turnover. The 'Permyaki' arrived today in Moscow and, as they've admitted in the last meeting with the fans, they'll do everything they can in order to defeat Lokomotiv and to qualify for the next round. 

The only big change regards the role of goalkeeper. Gadzhiev could give the young Selikhov some rest and Khomich is ready to take his place. In the midfield, instead, Idowu, Shavaev and Komolov could be preferred over Peev, Gol and Ogude. Anene should start instead of Prudnikov and Salugin, who played in the derby against Ural in which Amkar were defeated 3:1. 

Cherevchenko is expected to play with the reserves, considering also the injuries of Corluka, Pejcinovic, Mykhalyk and Tarasov. As happened against Torpedo Armavir, Abaev should replace Guilherme. In the defense, Yanbaev could take the place of Denisov, who has incessantly played so far. The couple of central defenders should be made up by Logashov and Durica. In the midfield, we guess Barinov will play together with N'Dinga because the young Russian midfielder didn't play with the reserves team on Sunday. Grigorjev and Maicon should take the place of Samedov and Kasaev. Skuletic, instead, should be finally included in the starting line-up. 

The only precedent says that Lokomotiv are the favorite team. We can't lose the second game a row. Cherevchenko has to find a solution to the Lokomotiv's problems. This is the right opportunity. We must go as far as possible in the Russian Cup. Other mistakes aren't allowed. 

 Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1)
Shishkin - Logashov  - Durica - Yanbaev
N'Dinga - Barinov
Grigorjev - Al Miranchuk - Maicon
Amkar (4-5-1)
Butko Belorukov - Zaytsev - Zanev 
Idowu - Shavaev - Komolov - Jovicic Balanovich

Monday 26 October 2015

The Cherkizovo Report: Rostov 2 Lokomotiv 0

Two seasons ago in the penultimate game of the season, Lokomotiv was two wins away from the Russian Championship, but a trip to Rostov resulted in a 2-0 loss and the title chance was all but vanquished. Fast forward 17 months and the current Loko team had been on another incredible winning run, but an encounter with Rostov again halted the string of good results as the southerners prevailed 2-0 again, this time at Cherkizovo, on a night where Loko didn't play badly, but lacked cutting edge which perhaps is a result of their Europa League fatigue catching up with them.

After 19,000 strong for Besiktas, the stadium was as empty tonight as I've seen it all season. On this wet, Monday evening, perhaps 3,000-4,000 attended despite an announced crowd of 6380. Those on hand dedicated a couple songs to birthday boy and Loko legend Dmitry Sychev who turned 32 today.

Rostov coach Kurban Berdyev decided to replicate Spartak's failed plan from a week ago and played five defenders. Cherevchenko also played five defenders but moved one of them, Shishkin, up into a midfield position replacing the injured Tarasov. Myhalyk subbed for the out-of-action Pejcinovic and Jan Djurica was given his first start of the season in place of Corluka who was tired and had health problems according to the coach.

Loko controlled the first half and had the lion's share of the chances. Niasse personally hit one over the bar with a bicycle kick, banged another wide right, had a header saved by the keeper, and controversially had a goal disallowed because of a phantom foul on Novoseltsev. Sloppy Rostov defending resulted in an attempt for Yanbaev too who blazed one over the goal. Rostov's two most dangerous moments were blocked by a well-positioned Mykhalyk.

The Railwaymen started the 2nd half by picking up right where they left off and looking threatening, but completely against the run of play, it was Rostov who struck first in the 57th minute when a pass found Bukharov in the box and he laid it off to former Loko player Dmitry Poloz who put a gorgeous shot past Guilherme to give the visitors a surprise lead.
10 minutes before kick-off. Where are the fans?
Loko poured on the pressure again and brought on Miranchuk, Skuletic, and Grigoryev, but the closest they came was a long Denisov shot well-saved by Dzhanaev. Substitute Moussa Doumbia guaranteed all three points would go back to Rostov in the 85th minute when we was found wide open on the counter attack and didn't miss his chance to clinch the game.

This was our first home loss of the season and I suppose we had to lose eventually just to get it out of our system. Despite the loss, we'll stay in 2nd place with 27 points. It's not a disaster though and the team didn't play badly. They had their chances, but just couldn't convert at the opportune moments. Just an unlucky night. Fortunately, they'll have quick chance to atone for tonight's loss in the Cup match against Amkar on Thursday night.

Andy Tedrick

Igor Cherevchenko: "We hadn't got enough time to recover both physically and emotionally".

Игорь Черевченко: Не успели восстановиться до конца

Igor Cherevchenko in the post-game press-conference spoke about the game against Rostov (0:2), resuming it. 

- We made many efforts against Besiktas. We hadn't got enough time to recover both physically and emotionally. Furthermore, we couldn't have relied on our captain Corluka in the center of the defense. However, I can't not underline the big performance of Rostov. They played as it was their last match. Corluka had some problems, we are waiting him on the pitch for his recovery.  

- Lokomotiv tried refreshing the match with Aleksey Miranchuk, Grigorjev and Skuletic. Why couldn't you have scored?
- First of all, this a merit of the Rostov's defense. You also shouldn't forget that we ended the game down to ten because Mykhalyk got injured and had to leave the pitch. The first goal was scored themselves. The second one was a position's mistake. We had got many chances, but he hadn't got enough accuracy and timing. 

Lokomotiv - Rostov 0:2.

Первое поражение дома

Lokomotiv were defeated by Rostov in the 13rd round of the Russian Premier League. 

Despite the low attendance, the game against Rostov started with a fun event: Niasse was prized by the fans as the best player of the month of September with a commemorative plaque. It was handed before the kick off by the Zakharov's family.

Yesterday CSKA lost two points in Groznyi against Terek, as a consequence 'Railroaders' had the big opportunity to fill the gap to only three points. The greatest changes in the Lokomotiv's line-up concerned the defense, where Corluka and Pejcinovic (both injured) were replaced by Mykhalyk and Durica

The first half was mainly played in the Rostov's half of the field. However, Loko weren't accurate. Vilkov also cancelled a valid goal of Niasse for an inexistent foul on Novoseltsev

In the second half, Lokomotiv continued attacking especially with Niasse, Samedov and Kolomeytsev. However, Rostov took the lead with Poloz, who took advantage from an assist made by Bukharov

Lokomotiv tried immediately to react: the most dangerous chance was created by Denisov, but Dzhanaev saved his team. 

Later, Cherevchenko decided to play with two striker, Niasse and Skuletic, but it didn't work. 'Selmashi' closed the game with the newcomer Doumbia on a counterattack. 

Lokomotiv suffered the first home defeat of the season. 

Russian Premier League. 13rd round
"Lokomotiv" - "Rostov" - 0:2 (0:0) 
Goals: Poloz, 56 (0:1). Doumbia, 85 (0:2)
"Lokomotiv": Guilherme, Mykhalyk, Durica, Denisov, Shishkin, Yanbaev (Skuletic, 76), Kasaev (Grigorjev, 82), Kolomeytsev, Samedov, N'Dinga (Al Miranchuk, 64), Niasse 
"Rostov": Dzhanaev, Rotenberg (Bayramyan, 65), Margasov, Novoseltsev, Bastos, Terentjev, Mogilevets, Noboa, Kalachev, Poloz (Doumbia, 79), Bukharov (Azmoun, 79)
Yellow cards: Bukharov, 31. Rotenberg, 55. Mogilevets, 75. Samedov, 92 
Referee: Mikhail Vilkov (Nizhny Novgorod),
26 October. Moscow. Lokomotiv Stadium