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Saturday 31 October 2015

Preview Kuban' - Lokomotiv.

Кубань  Локомотив
Sunday, November 1st 2015
(Kuban' Stadium, Krasnodar)
17.00 Kuban' Krasnodar Lokomotiv Moscow
Referee: Sergey Lapochkin (Saint Petersburg).
Assistants: Andrey Glot (Yaroslavl) and Dmitrij Zhvakin (Saint Petersburg).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Delegate: Anatoliy Drobyshev (Rostov-on-Don).
Inspector: Igor' Siner (Omsk).

Lokomotiv - Kuban' 3-0: 15' Khokhlov, 42' Sychev, 45' Loskov. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 2-1: 15' Ricardo Lago, 62' Ricardo Lago; 67' Khokhlov. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 0-0
Lokomotiv - 
Kuban' 2-3: 25' Sychev (pen.), 76' Dramane Traore; 39' Petkov, 66' Ushenin, 79' Ushenin. 2009
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 1-0: 90' Dramani. 
Lokomotiv - 
Kuban' 4-1: 69' Sychev, 71' Odemwingie, 73' Cocis, 87' Wagner; 62' Tlisov.
Lokomotiv - Kuban' 2-1: 6' Maicon, 62' Ibricic; 83' Lacina Traore. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 0-1: 36' Caicedo.
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 1-1: 74' Pizzelli; 62' Pavlyuchenko. 
Lokomotiv - Kuban' 0-1: 71' Bucur. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 0-0
Lokomotiv - Kuban' 1-0: 49' Tarasov. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 1-3: 5' Maicon, 14' Corluka, 31' Boussoufa, 90' Cissè.
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 2-1: 26' Melgarejo, 40' Sunjic; 76' Fernandes (pen.).
Lokomotiv - Kuban' 2-1: 87' Fernandes; 22' Baldè. 

AbsentsPejcinovic (injured ), Tarasov (injured).
In doubt: Corluka (injured), Mykhalyk (injured).

Kuban' Krasnodar: 14.
Lokomotiv: 2.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: Vladislav Baturin.


From Kuban' to Kuban'. The last match of the RPL 2014/15 was definitely useless for Lokomotiv. A season later, the game against the yellow-greens is crucial for many reasons. In fact, 'Railroaders' have lost  the last two games in a row and now they're waited for a reaction. 

Kuban' has started its season with our former midfielder Dmitriy Khokhlov as head coach. However, the society decided not to give him the right time to gain the maximum from the players. As a consequence, Khokhlov has been replaced by Sergey Tashuev, who brought Anzhi back to RPL last season. Under the former Salyut Belgorod head coach, Kuban' has started playing much better, earning many good results. 

In their last game, Kuban' defeated Spartak in the 1/8 of the Russian Cup thanks to an header of Melgarejo. In RPL, instead, they come from three draws in a row against Anzhi, Zenit and Mordoviya

However, Tashuev has got many problems to face for the tomorrow's match. Tlisov and Rabiu will surely miss the game due the red cards they were given against Mordoviya. Kulik will be absent too because he has already ended his season for a serious injury. Therefore, in the midfield should play Karetnik and Yakuba, who are two of the biggest talents in the Kuban's squad. Xandao could miss the game after he broke his nose in Saransk. 

Arshavin and the big ex Pavlyuchenko are both doubtful. Tashuev said: "I don't know if Arshavin plays or not against Lokomotiv. After the game vs Spartak, he had again some small problems. Pavlyuchenko, instead, has just recovered from a serious injury. He will help us soon."

The most in form player in Kuban is Melgarejo without a doubt. He's one of the RPL's top scorers and I'm sure he'll join a Russian top tier soon. He should play as striker instead of Balde, whose performance have recently been disappointing. 

Lokomotiv, instead, hasn't won the last three matches in a row. This series mustn't be continued. Cherevchenko isn't allowed to make other mistakes, especially after the elimination in the Russian Cup. Compared to the game against Amkar, many players should return in the starting line-up. Corluka and Mykhalyk are doubtful and it's difficult they'll be risked before the Europa League match against Besiktas. Therefore, Cherevchenko should confirm the couple made up by Logashov and Durica. Aleksey Miranchuk, instead, should be preferred over Fernandes

Given that the game will be very tough, Lokomotiv must pay attention to each detail. Kuban' usually plays very well in Krasnodar, making its opponent often in trouble. We don't let them to play the football they want. We must take the three points. Vpered Loko. 

Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1)
Shishkin -  Logashov - Durica - Denisov
N'Dinga - Kolomeytsev
Samedov - Al Miranchuk - Kasaev
Kuban' Krasnodar (4-2-3-1)
Manolev - Armas - Xandao - Bugaev 
Karetnik - Yakuba 
Ignatjev - Tkachyov - Khubulov 


  1. Hey, I'm reading that non-Russian managers have been banned from coaching. What does this mean for Igor Cherevchenko? Will he be able to continue to coach?

    1. Hi! I've read this news too. I think this decision would be awful for the development of Russian football.

      Regarding Cherevchenko, as far as I know, he has got the Russian citizenship and therefore he shouldn't be considered as a foreigner. So, he should be able to continue coaching us without any problem :-)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thank you for the reply. :) Its good Cherevchenko will be able to continue but I also think its a bad idea. Hopefully it will be changed.

    4. It's a pleasure, Michael :-) Why do you think it's a bad idea?

      Can I ask you how you have started supporting Lokomotiv?

    5. Because having only Russian managers doesn't do anything for Russian talent. You can say limiting the number of foreign players gives Russian players the chance to play at a higher level but what does all Russian coaching do? What if its a foreigner who can bring out the best in the players? It has no relation to improving Russian football.

      As for Lokomotiv, I'm actually not a huge supporter (sorry!) I just like reading this blog because I'm interested in Russian football in general and it is very informative. :) So thank you for that.

    6. I agree. However, I prefer Lokomotiv to be coached by a Russian speaking coach. I think it's better both for the players and a sense of identity.

      Oh, sorry, thank you very much. I hope to convert your football faith soon. Lokomotiv is a very nice club :-)