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Monday 26 October 2015

Igor Cherevchenko: "We hadn't got enough time to recover both physically and emotionally".

Игорь Черевченко: Не успели восстановиться до конца

Igor Cherevchenko in the post-game press-conference spoke about the game against Rostov (0:2), resuming it. 

- We made many efforts against Besiktas. We hadn't got enough time to recover both physically and emotionally. Furthermore, we couldn't have relied on our captain Corluka in the center of the defense. However, I can't not underline the big performance of Rostov. They played as it was their last match. Corluka had some problems, we are waiting him on the pitch for his recovery.  

- Lokomotiv tried refreshing the match with Aleksey Miranchuk, Grigorjev and Skuletic. Why couldn't you have scored?
- First of all, this a merit of the Rostov's defense. You also shouldn't forget that we ended the game down to ten because Mykhalyk got injured and had to leave the pitch. The first goal was scored themselves. The second one was a position's mistake. We had got many chances, but he hadn't got enough accuracy and timing. 

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