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Sunday 22 March 2015

Mordoviya - Lokomotiv 0:0.

Pareggio Neve in Saransk

The night before the today's match strongly ruined the pitch in Saransk. Despite being in difficult, the staff of Start Stadium was able to remove all the snow. The referee advised the two teams to warm up carefully and asked hosts the orange ball. 

Compared to the match against Arsenal, in the starting line 'Railroaders' had three changes: left back Denisov instead of Yanbaev, while Tarasov and Mykhalyk took the place of Sheshukov and Fernandes. 

For both teams, it was difficult to create some chances. A lot of fights have been taken in the midfield, therefore Vilkov had to book six players. In particular, Tarasov and Mykhalyk got their 4th yellow card in the season and so will be disqualified for the game against Dinamo. 

Lokomotiv tried to find some weaknesses in Mordoviya's defense, but the bad weather influenced the players. The only good opportunity in the first half was created by the hosts with Djalo, but Guilherme responded with a beautiful save.

During the break, the pitch was cleared up and Lokomotiv started creating more chances. Skuletic scored with a panenka, but unfortunately the goal was rightly cancelled for offside. 

In Mordoviya, instead, the most dangerous player was again Djalo, but his header wasn't accurate. 'Railroaders' answered with Mykhalyk, but also the Ukrainian midfielder sent the ball over the bar. 

After 73 minutes, Aleksander Samedov made a good pass for Roman Pavlyuchenko, who missed a big chance one-on-one against Kochenkov. Lokomotiv controlled the match, but until the 86' the game was blocked. The last opportunity was for Fernandes, who didn't take advantage from a rebound in the area.

Lokomotiv remained also in ten men for the red card given to Mykhalyk. 'Railroaders' are now 7th in the ranking of RPL.

"Mordoviya" - "Lokomotiv" - 0:0 
"Lokomotiv": Guilherme, Shishkin, Corluka, Durica, Denisov, Mykhalyk, Tarasov, Kasaev, Boussoufa (Fernandes, 65), Samedov, Skuletic (Pavlyuchenko, 60).
"Mordoviya": Kochenkov, Gapon, Vasin, Perendija, Dudiev, Nakhushev, Bozovic, Le Tallec, Vlasov, Djalo, Mukhametshin (Lutsenko, 69). 
Yellow cards: Mykhalyk, 14. Kasaev, 22. Skuletic, 26. Vasin, 29. Tarasov, 30. Gapon, 36. Durica, 85.
Red card: Mykhalyk, 89.
Referee: Mikhail Vilkov (Nizhny Novgorod). 22 March. Saransk. Start Stadium.

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