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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Alan Kasaev: "I can say that I settled into the team."

Midfielder Alan Kasaev has spoken about his first training camp at Lokomotiv. 

- The first training camp in Austria is finished. What do you think? 
"In my opinion, we have fully completed the coaching plan. Exercises interesting, good work with running and a lot of tactics. This was my first camp with Loko, I had to get used to into the team and understand what coach want. Now I can say that I got used to and all is clear."

- What can you say about the team? We think that during the camp you tried to socialize. 
"I was good accepted. I know a lot of my teammates at Lokomotiv: Shishkin, Tarasov, Pavlyuchenko - we are as a family. The team is kind and the group good. I'm satisfied."

- We have seen the wishes for the birthday of Grigorjev. Don't you hide April 8th (the birthday of Alan Kasaev)? 
"During the joke, I was playing tennis ball with Maks and so I saw all (laugh). I don't hide, I'm outgoing.

- And what about running away? You are a fast player.
"I'll let to capture me (laugh)."

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