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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Miodrag Bozovic: "The third camp is the most intensive".

Miodrag Bozovic: terza collezione - la più intensa

Head Coach of Lokomotiv Miodrag Bozovic shared his feelings about the camp in Turkey and the meeting with striker Petar Skuletic. 

- Although the winter preparation has its own characteristics, I wouldn't say that our three camps are too much different, - said Miodrag. - There is a target: in each training, every day, we have to improve. The team is working for to reach the perfect condition and at the same time we're working on tactics. Maybe, the third camp is the most intensive. Here the technical staff require to play fastly. We are close to be ready for the restart of the season.

- You have warmly welcomed Petar Skuletic. And you also asked the team to help him...
- This is the same behavior for each new player. I told the guys to help Petar to settle down into the new team. This process doesn't depend only by the player, but also by his new habitat.

- Loko-TV will show the friendly match against Amkar. Tell us what do you expect from this game.
- It's good that fans are careful for the trend of camps. For us, this match will be such a training: the first 45 minutes will be played by a line-up, while the second half by another one. Our task is to play better than the other games, faster.

- Furthermore, Amkar is one of your former clubs...
- (laugh) This is not important. I say it again: I'm interested in how we'll play. About Amkar, I can say that as whatever former clubs, I feel a good nostalgia. 

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