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Saturday 14 February 2015

Petar Skuletic: "I didn't have any doubt."

Petar Shkuletich: "Non ho dubbi per un secondo"

Immediately after the signing for Lokomotiv, Petar Skuletic gave a little interview to the official site before the online-video conference with fans.

"At the begin of the season I hadn't planned to leave the team in winter. I continued scoring and I understood that in this way I would have attracted attention on me. The percentage of a deal grew up."

About Lokomotiv's offer: 
"I didn't have any doubt. As soon as I received the offer, I understood that this is what I need. I'm really happy to be here."

About Ivanovic and Pejcinovic: 
"Of course I know them! However, I didn't judge the team from them. Lokomotiv is a famous club not only in Russia. In Serbia we perfectly know that Loko is a top club. For instance, give a look to the performances of  Ivanovic, Pejcinovic, Basa or Corluka. Although I've got a good relationship with Nemanja, I didn't consult him before signing the contract because I didn't have any doubt."

About adaptation: 
"Russia and Serbia are brother countries, so there won't be problems. Each professional player must be ready for a surprise, if he joins a foreign country. However, this isn't my case. The Head Coach and some players come from former Yugoslavia, so they will help me. By tomorrow, I'm going to learn Russian, even if I already understand a lot of words."

About goals: 
"I can't say anything, but I only want to work and to demonstrate my maximum value. I joined Partizan last winter and I said that I wanted to score 10 goals before the finish of the season. I scored only 7 goals. Before this season I didn't promise nothing and I scored 21 goals in 27 games, so I have sworn not to make futile promises."

About nickname: 
"In Serbia I was called in various ways - Skulev, Skunte, Skuntelaar. However, this is not important unless fans like it."

About competition: 
"I understand that there is a big competition in a top club. I know Roman Pavlyuchenko, he's s strong player with a glorious career. I also understand that Dame N'Doye scored a lot of goals and he was appreciated, so there is a great responsibility on me after his departure. However, felicity comes in training and in playing with real strong players. Competition and a strong line-up are very good."

The online-video conference with fans lasted more than 30 minutes, in which Petar answered to a lot of interesting questions. Here you can watch it:

Furthermore, a long interview with Petar could be read in the next number of "Our Loko" for the game of Russian Cup against Rubin Kazan' on March 3rd 2015.

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