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Sunday 3 May 2015

Amkar - Lokomotiv 1:1.

Ничья на последних секундах

Attendance in Perm' could be considered high during these holidays. Such a interest from the spectators was caused by the fact that Amkar started stealing points against stronger teams. In particular, speaker at Zvezda Stadium made a special announce before the today's game: "Thanks to everyone that didn't prefer dacia or shashlik in favor or the favorite team!". The weather was hot, so it encouraged people to attend the match. 

The same could be said about Lokomotiv fans, who preferred to travel and to stay close to the team in Perm'. Loko was supported by two sectors. Out the traditional one, there was a banner that congratulated with Durica, who has recently become father. The other one, instead, was in the central stands. It was made up by Lokomotiv reserves, that a few hours earlier defeated Amkar 0:3.

Lokomotiv arrived in Perm' in a good mood: the victory against Gazovik arrived in a difficult moment, but gave positive emotions. The team wasn't too extended today due many injuries. Furthermore for Yanbaev, who played as right back, this was his 200th game in red-greens colors. 

Immediately after the kick off, Lokomotiv started attacking, however the first opportunity was for red-blacks with Prudnikov. Generally speaking, Amkar tried to take more advantages from corners or free kicks. However, Lokomotiv's defense played well under the leadership of Guilherme. On the other hand, good chances were created by Niasse, Samedov and Pejcinovic. Unfortunately, they weren't be able to score and the first half finished 0:0.

In the second half, the team tried actively to score. However, after 65 mins the home side took the lead. Tarasov, who was booked, pulled down Peev in the area and the referee whistled the penalty. Peev was accurate and scored - 1:0.

Loko immediately wanted to draw, but Gerus responded well in each opportunity. However, during the final action of the match, 'Railroaders' were saved by Samedov, who scored in an empty door.

Lokomotiv interrupted a series of three defeats in a row.

Russian Premier League. Week 26 
"Amkar" - "Lokomotiv" - 1:1 (0:0) 
Goals: Peev, 66 (penalty) (1:0). Samedov, 94 (1:1)
"Lokomotiv": Guilherme, Yanbaev, Pejčinović, Logashov, Denisov, Mykhalyk (Skuletic, 78), Kasaev, Tarasov (Maicon, 72), Samedov, Al. Miranchuk (Fernandes, 69), Niasse
"Amkar": Gerus, Butko, Arzumanyan, Belorukov, Zanev, Balanovich (Yakubko, 89), Gol, Ogude, Peev (Jovicic, 75), Kolomeytsev, Prudnikov (Cherenchikov, 84) 
Yellow cards: Niasse, 20. Tarasov, 26. Prudnikov, 38. Arzumanyan, 44. Mykhalyk, 60. Logashov, 70. Ogude, 74
Red card: Peev, 95 
Referee: Igor' Nizovtsev (Nizhny Novgorod)
May 3rd 2015. Perm. "Zvezda" Stadium.

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