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Friday 1 May 2015

Preview Amkar - Lokomotiv.

Amkar Locomotiva
АМКАР // Локомотив
Sunday, May 3rd 2015
(Zvezda Stadium, Perm')
15.00 Amkar Perm' - Lokomotiv Moscow
Referee: Igor' Nizovtsev (Nizhny Novgorod).
Assistants: Valerij Danchenko (Ufa) and Dmitrij Zhvakin (Saint Petersburg).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Inspector: Taras Bezubyak (Saint Petersburg).
Delegate: Sergey Poryadin (Rostov-on-Don).

Lokomotiv - Amkar 0-0
Amkar - Lokomotiv 0-1: 29' Parks. 
Lokomotiv - Amkar 1-1: 84' Izmaylov; 23' Paramonov. 
Amkar - Lokomotiv 3-4: 19' Kushev, 43' Leonchenko (pen.), 45'+1 Kushev; 52' Bilyaletdinov (pen.), 58' Bilyaletdinov (pen.), 75' Izmaylov, 90'+2 Lebedenko.
Lokomotiv - Amkar 0-0
Amkar - Lokomotiv 1-3: 23' Grishin; 9' O'Connor, 55' Shaker, 78' Ivanovic. 
Lokomotiv - Amkar 0-1: 33' Savin. 
Amkar - Lokomotiv 1-0: 52' Grishin. 
Lokomotiv - Amkar 0-1: 56' Peev.
Amkar - Lokomotiv 0-0

Amkar - Lokomotiv 1-1: 63' Sikimich; 67' Sychev (pen.).
Lokomotiv - Amkar 1-0: 90' Sychev.
Lokomotiv - Amkar 2-0: 17' Aliev, 80' Maicon.
Amkar - Lokomotiv 1-2: 22' Topchu; 78' Aliev (pen.), 88' Rodolfo. 
Amkar - Lokomotiv 1-0: 25' Ristic. 
Lokomotiv - Amkar 4-0: 32' Loskov, 40' Glushakov, 48' Sychev, 79' Minchenkov. 
Lokomotiv - Amkar 1-236' Pavlyuchenko; 25' Peev; 90'+4 Picuşceac.
Amkar - Lokomotiv 2-4: 24' Georgiev, 90'+3 Sirakov; 45' Aleksey Miranchuk, 53' N'Doye (pen.), 64' Torbinskiy, 68' Yanbaev. 
Lokomotiv - Amkar 4-0: 7' N'Doye, 39' Maicon, 57' Shishkin, 86' Pavlyuchenko.
Amkar - Lokomotiv 0-0
Lokomotiv - Amkar 3-1: 66' Corluka, 68' Niasse, 77' Corluka; 74' Jovicic.

AbsentsDurica (injured), Sheshukov (injured), Boussoufa (injured).
In doubt: Corluka (injured), Pavlyuchenko (injured).

Amkar: 15.
Lokomotiv: 7.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: Roman Guttsayt.


Will Lokomotiv be able to stop the series of losses in RPL? This is only one of the topics for the game against Amkar at Zvezda Stadium. 

Both Loko and Amkar have played during the week. 'Railroaders' have reached the final of Kubok Rossii for the first time since 2007 and now they're waited by another though opponent, that will certainly fight until the end to get the three points. Amkar, instead, had to recover the match vs Dinamo that was delayed. They won 2:0 thanks to the goals of Peev and Kolomeytsev. 

Furthermore, it also will be a challenge within a challenge. Bozovic started coaching in Russia in Perm' seven years ago and there he helped 'Permyaki' to have their best season ever, finishing 4th in RPL. Then, he returned in Perm' even three years later: so we can say without a doubt that Bozovic knows very well the atmosphere at Zvezda Stadium. 

As said on Twitter, Boussoufa is still injured and won't take part to the game. Corluka and Pavlyuchenko, instead, are both in doubt. Following these injuries, the Montenegrin coach is almost forced to confirm the starting line-up used in Orenburg. Shishkin could start from the first minutes instead of Yanbaev, while Fernandes should replace Logashov with the moving of Mykhalyk as central defender. 

Gadzhiev, instead, can rely to the whole team. There could be some ballots, but the team should be similar to the one that beat Dinamo. Furthermore, in the last two matches, 'Permyaki' defeated Dinamo and Terek, which are trained by two former Amkar coaches: Cherchesov and Rakhimov. Let's hope it won't happen the same with Bozovic. 

Regarding a forecast, former Loko and Amkar veteran Habib Ilyaletdinov said: "We must applaud Amkar for the last games. Probably, it influenced the change of the coach. They play each match as it was the last one. They want to stay in RPL. However, Lokomotiv should have higher motivations. 'Railroaders' lost a lot of points during the last matches. I think that they'll win 0:1."

Amkar (4-5-1)
Butko Belorukov - Arzumanyan - Zanev 
Batov - Kolomeytsev - Gol - Jovicic Balanovich
 Lokomotiv (4-1-4-1)
Shishkin - Mykhalyk - Pejcinovic - V. Denisov
Samedov - Miranchuk - Fernandes - Kasaev

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