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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Miodrag Bozovic: "We must pay tribute to Gazovik".

Bozovic: Dobbiamo rendere omaggio al "settore del gas"

Miodrag Bozovic in the post-game press-conference spoke about the game against Gazovik (1:1, 3:4 after penalties), resuming it.

- In the first half we played better. The team controlled the match and created two good chances. Gazovik didn't organize neither an opportunity. However, in the second half, our opponent took the lead and could also have scored more. On the other hand, Lokomotiv should score to draw the result, but wasn't able to make the last pass.

We must pay tribute to Gazovik - they made us in trouble. I'd like to thank with them for their devotion and to the coach that has built a big team and to the spectators that created an amazing atmosphere. 

- Which players can you distinguish of yours?
- I've never spoken about individuality. A team fought on the pitch and seemed good. Regarding Gazovik, they have a lot of players that played in higher leagues. This is a strong team.

- Why didn't Boussoufa take part to the match?
- He got injured to the abductor muscle. There are many injured players in the team - Durica, Corluka, Sheshukov. However, I don't want to complain about it. Lokomotiv is Lokomotiv, also considering all the losses.

- How do judge the match of Logashov as central defender?
- He has already played in this position and today he was great. It was difficult to play against Gazovik for him because he hasn't played in the center for a long time, however Arsenij was able to do it.

- What about referee?
- Normal. I could say something concrete, when I'll say again the game.

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