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Wednesday 29 April 2015

Gazovik - Lokomotiv 1:1 (3:4).

Stiamo andando a Astrakhan!

Lokomotiv defeated Gazovik after the penalties in the 1/2 of Kubok Rossii. 

The match was really waited in Orenburg. When Lokomotiv landed at Yurij Gagarin airport, a crowd of local fans surrounded our players: someone wanted a photo, others a simple autograph. After the training, which was taken just after the landing, the same situation happened again. Some members of the policy couldn't have resisted and asked for a photo. 

Regarding the security of the city, Orenburg responded with the maximum of cure: first of all, the Governor forbade shops selling alcohols. Furthermore, during the match there were also about 700 policemen and according to one of them, there were reunited the best cops of Orenburg Oblast. 

All the tickets (about 4.000) were sold in just two days, with the most expensive that cost 500 rubles. Another interesting fact was that a new stand was built up with a commentator cabinet, media press and VIP stand. Now, the authorities are planning to rebuild also the other three stands. The project is very laudable.   

Unfortunately, Vedran Corluka had to miss the most important game of the season  due the injury got during the game against Krasnodar. Despite being not too serious, Vedran could't have played also for the synthetic pitch. 

The game started more or less optimistic for Loko. Maicon, who played as striker, after 11 mins hit the post. 'Railroaders' carried out the ball possession, while Gazovik defended with all the players. However, the Orenburg club believed in his chances and played to win the match. At the same time, Lokomotiv wasn't able to create dangerous chances. At the end of the first half, Mykhalyk made a shot that brushed the bar. 

After 48 mins, also Samedov made a dangerous shot, but no one was able to score. Taking advantage from this, Gazovik seemed more accurate and in fact they took the lead with Vasiev - 1:0. 

Everything changed with the red card given to Appaev. Lokomotiv started attacking more and Bozovic guessed the changes. Skuletic, who entered in the pitch a few earlier, exploited an incomprehension between Klimov and Abakumov, scoring the 1:1 after 87 mins. 

During the extra times, Lokomotiv had a lot of opportunities that only helped Abakumov to improve his performance. 

Therefore, the game was decided by penalties. Guilherme played again on a high level, while Pejcinovic scored the decisive one. 

Lokomotiv will play on May 21st 2015 the final of Kubok Rossii in Astrakhan against Kuban' Krasnodar, that defeated at home CSKA (1:0).

Russian Cup. Semifinal
"Gazovik" - "Lokomotiv" - 1:1 (0:0) 3:4 (penalties) 
Goals: Vasiev, 50 (1:0). Skuletic, 87 (1:1)
Penalties scored: Kobyalko, Druzin, Malykh - Fernandes, Samedov, Maicon, Pejčinović. 
Penalties missed: Shogenov (goalkeeper), Akhmedov (post) - Skuletic (goalkeeper).
"Lokomotiv": Guilherme, Yanbaev, Pejčinović, Logashov, Denisov, Mykhalyk (Skuletic, 82), Tarasov Kasaev (Niasse, 59), Samedov, Al. Miranchuk (Fernandes, 63), Maicon 
"Gazovik": Abakumov, Parnyakov, Malykh, Appaev, Breev (Kobyalko, 64), Koronov (Akhmedov, 104), Vasiev, Afonin, Druzin, Vorobyev (Shogenov, 26), Klimov 
Yellow card: Appaev, 8. Shogenov, 30. Tarasov, 35. Parnyakov, 45. Yanbaev, 76. Pejčinović, 90 
Red card: Appaev, 80 (double yellow card) 
Referee: Aleksander Egorov (Saransk) 
April 29. Orenburg. Gazovik Stadium.

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