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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Preview Gazovik - Lokomotiv.

Газовик Локомотив
ГАЗОВИК // Локомотив
Wednesday, April 29th 2015
(Gazovik Stadium, Orenburg)
15.30 Gazovik Orenburg - Lokomotiv Moscow
Referee: Aleksander Egorov (Saransk).
Assistants: Sergey Sukhoverkhov (Voronezh) and Aleksey Shiryaev (Stavropol).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Inspector: Gennadij Kulichenkov (Tula).

No precedents in Kubok Rossii.

AbsentsDurica (injured), Sheshukov (injured).
In doubt: Corluka (injured), Mykhalyk (injured), Pavlyuchenko (injured), Niasse (injured).

Gazovik: 5 (in FNL).
Lokomotiv: 7 (in RPL).

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-Sportbox.ru. Commentators: Aleksander Netsenko.


The game of the year: there aren't any other ways to describe the tomorrow's match. Despite being in a though crisis, Lokomotiv has the last chance to gain an European spot for the season 2015/16. Gazovik Stadium, which also has been modernized for this great match, has registered a sold-out for days and for Gazovik it will be the most important appointment of his history.

In particular, their coach Robert Evdokimov said: "This is the most important game of my career. No one knows if I and players will play another great game. We'll try to fight until the end. We studied our opponent. We watched the match against Krasnodar and in the second half, Lokomotiv played well, creating some chances. This is a club from RPL, they've big ambitions and strong players. However, we must understand that Lokomotiv can't always play on big levels. This isn't a 1/16 when clubs from RPL could underrate the opponent team and play with reserves. It'll be a though match."

During their way to the 1/2 of Kubok Rossii, Gazovik was able to defeat clubs such as Terek and Arsenal, plus Neftekhimik and Syzran. They've been one of the surprises in FNL this season and at the same time, Evdokimov can rely to a very good team. Abakumov, for example, has already played in RPL with Mordoviya, while Oyewole and Klimov were symbols of Ural and Rubin. In the midfield, there are Afonin (who is one of the best in FNL) and Koronov, who is the top scorer of the team (12) and also had a trial for Rubin this summer. As strikers, there are Kobyalko and Kabutov. The former is a very experienced forward, that is a security for FNL. The latter, instead, is a good talent that was signed from Rotor Volgograd (as Appaev). Moreover, there are also good reserves, that could be very useful: Vasiev, Parnyakov, Breev, Malykh and Druzin. Former Lokomotiv reserves striker Maksim Barsov, instead, should miss the game. 

Regarding a possible forecast, former Loko midfielder and current Sokol Saratov coach Igor' Chugaynov said: "Chances are 50/50. Lokomotiv is a top class team, but during Kubok matches everything might happen. Gazovik, in this season, has been a team that could be defeated at home by Luch, but I know that they're preparing seriously the game against 'Railroaders'. Gazovik prefers playing in defense, so it'll be very difficult for Lokomotiv to score. Furthermore, Loko has already had his problems. They're better, let's see what happen. I can say that I won't be surprised by any result from this match."

Bozovic, instead, should confirm his usual starting line-up after the turnover in Krasnodar. Sheshukov, who was subbed off at Kuban' Stadium, has already finished his season as Durica. Corluka, Mykhalyk and Niasse flew with the team but they're in doubt. Pavlyuchenko, instead, stayed in Moscow for precaution. 

In the end, HERE you can find more stats about Lokomotiv in Kubok Rossii. 

Gazovik (4-4-2)
Poluyakhtov - Oyewole - Klimov - Vorobyev 
Koronov - Afonin - Shogenov - Appaev
Kobyalko - Kabutov
Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1)
Shishkin - Corluka - Pejcinovic - Denisov
Samedov - Fernandes - Boussoufa - Kasaev

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