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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Ufa - Lokomotiv 1:0.

Поражение в Перми

In the last away match of Lokomotiv, characters were the silence and empty stands. As a consequence, a game played in a neutral stadium doesn't give neither a joy. However, the Lokomotiv fans sector was crowd and was ready to watch the appointment. 

In the starting line-up, 'Railroaders' had only one surprise: as striker, there was Niasse who in the last days celebrated his birthday. The defense, instead, was formed by Corluka and Sheshukov

Visitors started immediately attacking. Kasaev, on the left, dribbled three Ufa defenders and kicked. However, his shot wasn't accurate. Five minutes later, Boussoufa's launch to Niasse overcame a wrong exit of Yurchenko, but the Senegalese striker wasn't able to score. 

After 20 mins, Ufa created a dangerous opportunity to Guilherme: Galiulin made a shot that however didn't surprise the Brazilian goalkeeper. 

Lokomotiv took the initiative at the end of the first half, but Ufa answered well defending and with tricky counterattacks. 

The second half started badly for 'Red-greens': Shishkin and Tarasov missed a ball, whose was recovered by Paurevic who made a wonderful shot that beat Guilherme. As a consequence, Ufa had scored for the first time after 428 minutes.

Lokomotiv wanted immediately to drew the score. First Samedov hit the post and then the bar, with Yurchenko that would have beaten in both the opportunities. 

At the end of the game, both teams tried acting on long throwing. Ufa well defended the 1:0, while Lokomotiv finished the match also in 10 due the red card that was given to Tarasov. Furthermore, Ufa had also some chances to score the 2:0, but the bar and Kasaev saved 'Railroaders'. 

Ufa has won the first home game of the season despite being in another city. Lokomotiv suffered the second defeat in a row.

Russian Premier League. Week 24.
"Ufa" - "Lokomotiv" - 1:0 (0:0) 
Goals: Paurevic, 50 (1:0).
"Ufa": Yurchenko, Safronidi, Tumasyan, Alikin, Stotskiy, Zaseev, Semakin, Paurevic, Frimpong (Shevchenko, 78), Marcinho (Handzic, 46), Galiulin (Verkhovtsov, 81).
"Lokomotiv:" Guilherme, Corluka, Sheshukov, Denisov, Shishkin, Tarasov, Fernandes (Al Miranchuk, 70), Kasaev, Samedov (Skuletic, 82), Boussoufa (Pavlyuchenko, 62), Niasse.
Yellow cards: Tarasov, 28. Stotskiy, 35. Alikin, 79. Safronidi, 93.
Red card: Tarasov, 92.
Referee: Igor Nizovtsev (Nizhny Novgorod).
April 18. Perm. Zvezda Stadium.

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