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Saturday 12 October 2013

EN | 12a giornata: Krylya - Lokomotiv 2-2.

Beginning “in the Bilic- style”, recovery “in the Kuchuk-way”. That would be the summery of the match in Samara, where Lokomotiv made a comeback after losing 2 goals. 

Comments and analysis of the match.
Without Diarra and Tarasov, Kuchuk chooses the unusual tandem of Tigorev and Mykhalyk to play in the midfield, with Yanbaev placed into the role of the fourth Russian (instead of the 'Legionnaires' Vitaly Denisov, who can’t play due to the limit on foreigners). The hosts has the first dangerous moment of the match: Pavlenko’s shoot goes out of the goal, defended by Abaev. The respond of the guests doesn’t take a long time, but the conclusions of Samedov and N'Doye are not dangerous. The race begins on the 17'th min, when Corluka, after a shoot of Dragun, clearly stops the ball with the hand in the penalty area. This time Lapochkin has no doubts and take the correct decision: penalty and admonition are given to the strong Croatian Center back, who is going to miss a match against Amkar, because of overkill of yellow cards. Kornilenko scores from 11 meters, with the goalkeeper guessing the direction of the shoot and just a few inches aren’t enough to catch it. At this point Loko attempts to press the Krylya, however it does not produce the desired effects. The ' Railwaymen ' doesn't create almost anything and, indeed, up to the 40' min is losing the second goal. After losing ball on the left, a brilliant action of Krylya allows Adzhindzhal to assist Kornilenko which shoots and make a double. Two minutes later the team of Kuchuk has the great opportunity to immediately shorten the distance, but a due to the fault of Maicon, who received an assist by Corluka, missed it being all alone in front of Mucha. In the second half the coach from Belarus trys to shock his team in the locker room and the consequences can be seen immediately. At 47' N'Doye, after a brilliant assist of Durica, makes a beautiful shoot and the ex- goalkeeper of Everton can’t help his team: 2-1. Then there was a trial of Samedov but his fantastic shot hit the crossbar. Finally, at 64 ', a great Boussoufa’s assist sends Mykhalyk next to the goal, which uses this opportunity and hits the unprotected by Mucha goal. At this point Loko wants to win it. Another trial of Maicon, who, however, badly uses a beautiful assist from his Moroccan teammate. At 76 'surprise comes when Boussoufa is substituted by Caicedo, on which the hopes of a comeback are placed now. After a passing of a little bit of time and the Ecuadorian has the opportunity to score into an empty goal with an assist of N'Doye. In the last seconds there is also room for Tkachev, while Mykhalyk had to leave the field due to the 2nd yellow card. The match finishes 2-2: we’ve seen Loko playing somewhere in between Bilic and Kuchuk. With no hopes after the 1st half, Loko still could win in the 2nd half of the match. And, in the meantime, we should thank Terek that made a draw in Ekaterinburg against Spartak, so allowing our red-green guys to remain second.

Interview od Kuchuk after the match: Was the result of the 1st half unexpected for Lokomotiv? "Even the second half was unexpected! In such a difficult situation we found the the way to make a draw. In order to create opportunities it was crucial to take control over the midfield and keep possession, and in the end the effort worth it! I had no doubt about the outcome of the match, why would I be the coach Lokomotiv otherwise?How many games in your career have been so offensive? "There have been a lot, but each match was interesting in its own way. Returning to the match against Krylya, I want to thank all my players for the second half, they started to play aggressively. If not continuous stops, the game would have been much faster. Our rivals have got themselves into troubles."  Was Boussoufa unhappy after the substitution? "Why do you think so? Caicedo came very motivated and N'Doye in the second half has increased his pace. Boussoufa played mostly in deffense, while we needed someone to play in attack."

Krylya Sovetov Samara - Lokomotiv Mosca 2-2
18' Kornilenko (pen.), 40' Kornilenko, 47' N'Doye, 64' Mykhalyk.
Lokomotiv: Abaev, Shishkin, Durica, Corluka, Yanbaev, Tigorev, Mykhalyk, Samedov (Tkachev, 90), Boussoufa (Caicedo, 76), Maicon, N'Doye. 
Krylya: Mucha, Bruno Forbes, Dragun (Taranov, 82), Nadson, Amisulashvili, Goreux, Nemov, Tsallagov, Adzhindzhal, Pavlenko (Balyaykin 69), Kornilenko (Caballero, 72). 
Yellow cards: 16' Corluka, 60' Dragun, 61' Mykhalyk, 65' Adzhindzhal.
Red card: 90' Mykhalyk (second yellow cards).
Referee: Sergey Lapochkin (San Pietroburgo). 5 october. Metallurg Stadium, Samara. 


Abaev 5| On the penalty he can do nothing, while the gol of doubling was defintely within reach. Match very reviewable. 
Yanbaev 6| 
Renat plays for the limit on foreigners, but he doesn't disappoint. A difficult player as Goreux is kept without too many worries.
Durica 6.5 For the first time in this season, he plays better than Corluka. His assist for N'Doye is fantastic, while in the second half he makes great work in defense. 
Corluka 4.5 One of the few bad matches for the Croatian. He causes the penalty and on the action of 2-0 he loses Kornilenko. The yellow card is heavy: he'll miss the match vs Amkar. Great opportunity, finally, for one between Burlak and Belyaev .
Shishkin 5.5 Sometimes you get the feeling that an old-fashioned as Adzhindzhal can do everything with he. The assist for the 2-0 comes from a mistake of ' Shishka '. Bad day for him.
Tigorev 6 | Usual good match in the middle of the field for the Belarusian , which proves once again that he currently worth more than Diarra.
Mykhalyk 5.5Goal decisive for the result aside, he's often too slow for the play. First sent for him in Russia: naive.
Boussoufa 6.5 | The assist for the 2-2 Mykhalyk shows again that he's a true champion . In the first half he's the best, while in the second he's inexplicably removed from Kuchuk. If he had remained on the field until the end, the match probably would have ended in a different way.Samedov 5.5 The cross caught on the 2-1 is still shaking . This is the only acute for the former Dinamo Moscow, which is rarely decisive.
Maicon 4.5 Not present . 0 problems and 0 opportunities. Along with Corluka the worst in the field.
N'Doye 6 | 
 Invisible in the first time, he wakes up in second. He marks the goal that shortens the distance, very important psychologically, and try in every way to drag the team to the final victory.
Caicedo 5| As against Tom', he has the great opportunity to mark the gol of success , but again wrong. If the Ecuadorian doesn't do even his duty (to score goals), is unlikely that he has others chances from the Belarusian coach.
Tkachev s.v.He can't be decisive.
Kuchuk 5.5| As already mentioned: the first time is a disaster, while the second is convincing. It remains incredible that he changes Boussoufa, that explains his failure.

Statistics e curiosities.
Boussoufa has played his game number 70 as a starter in RPL. Nemov, instead, the 210th in total in the Russian league. Curiosity: 20 out of 24 goals in this season have been scored in the second half. A case? I would say no. So, in the seconds forty-five minutes Lokomotiv is the best team in the RPL. It's the 8th time, also, that in the history of Loko they below away goals were able to remount and get at least a point. HERE all the previous ones.

The Molodezhnoye.
In contrast to the first team, the Molodezhnoye starts well and then collapses. Lomakin scores the first goal of the match, but then 'Railway Workers' suffers a lot Bozhin, Eliseev and Makhmudov, who scores with a penalty. 3-1 heavy in Samara with a very cynical Krylya against KostrikovFot the ranking: HERE.  

Thanks to Anastasia Yarkina

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