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Friday 23 May 2014

Interview to Daniil, Lokomotiv fan: "Tolko Loko, tolko pobeda!".

At last we return to write for the English part of the blog. To recap this great season, we have chosen to make an interview to one of the most loyal fans of Loko. His name is Daniil and he lives in Moscow. He often goes to the stadium and follow the team on the trip. Lokomotiv Mosca Blog want to thanks Dan for his kindness and disponibility: we think that it has been created a great summary of the last RPL. Enjoy it!

- Hi, Daniil. Welcome to the Italian fan club of Loko.
"Hi, nice to tell with you. This is my first interview, so I hope my answers will be full enough."

- Tell us how you have became a Lokomotiv fan.
"First of all, my granny worked on the railway for a long time, but this is not the story of my granny. It happend 12 years ago on august 2002. I felt in love with fooball after WC in Korea and Japan. One day I turned up my TV and accidentally I clicked on the CL 3td qualifying round match Lokomotiv - GAK. I've never interested in Russian football. So, Loko were something new for me. I have became a fan when I got upset after an home defeat against Dortmund on november 2002."

- We start from the final. What do you think about the game against CSKA? How did the team play?
"This match was important for each teams involved in the golden race because Loko, Zenit and CSKA have saved a chance for win the title. It wasn't a simple derby, but the last fight, the culmination of the season. The game was played slowly and in defence by both sides. There were a lot of struggles on the pitch, and minimal numbers of dangerous moments. The price of a mistake was hight like never before. Unfortunately, Corluka and Mykhalyk have made one of it."

- As we can see on your Twitter account, you were at Khimki Arena to support Loko. What was the atmosphere there?
"The stadium was full, 18.000 spectators (small Arena Khimki). Although I hate CSKA, I haven't felt any special atmosphere about the game or on the ground. Our support was strong, despite we weren't located on the tribune near the net. Here you can find the video. It was a pity to see the final ceremony for CSKA after the match."

- We also know that you always go to Lokomotiv Stadium and as soon as possible you follow the team in trip. What do you think about our fans?
"After 8 years without medals, the numbers of Lokomotiv fans is decreased sensitively. Only the most devoted fans stayed with the team. I don't know the exactly reasons of my away match trips, but I love them. It's cool when you are a little visitor group against the full stadium! You have also the possibility to see other towns and cities that are so far from Moscow. Good adventures (and sometimes also extreme). "

- Well. Certainly the injuries have conditioned the season: in your opinion the team have some weak points or was only unlucky?
"Both of them. A Russian dictum says "is lucky only who merit the luck". There were also a short list of subs. I think that the transfer of Caisedo was a mistake. Maybe, without Mykhalyk, Tkachyov and young Miranchuk during the decisive games of the season, we would play more attractive for the 'lady luck'?"

- And, for example, against Spartak and Anzhi in 2014, what did the team need? Why Loko wasn't been able to win the title?
"All we need is goal: it's easy. Who win the title must win more games as possible v outsiders. Lokomotiv played with great problems when the opponents built 'the bus' in front of the net. We took only 7 points in 6 games with Anzhi, Tom' and Krylya. That's why we lost the title."

- What are the three best players of the season? Why?
"It is hard to choose one or three best players. The best, of course, was the team: a kind collective improved with players strong skills and coach philosophy. Today this is the main thing." 

- And what is your opinion about Leonid Kuchuk? Is he really a sort of Semin 2.0? Is he the best coach in Rpl?
"In my opinion, it's right to compare Semin and Kuchuk. They are very different, but both of them made a good results with Loko. Kuchuk still needs more time to improve his tactics and game stability. Now he looks very promising but he has to confirm this results also the next seasons. So, when Kuchuk will become a sort of Semin 2.0 for Loko, then he will be also the best coach in RFPL for me." 

- Let's return a bit to the fans. Why at Lokomotiv Stadium there were only about 10.000 spectators during the race of the title? Do you think that this club merit more support or not? What are your expectations for the European season: how many fans will go the stadium? 
"The attendance is a big problem for all Russian football, not only for Lokomotiv. It depends on the club results. I hope that during the next season, there will be more successes, so the popularity of the club will grow. I think that during the European matches, 17.000-20.000 spectators will come the stadium. Moscow is also a big city with a lot of ways to spent your free time and football is not the most popular. So we need to improve from the cold weather and the work of police."

- Loko finally return to play an European Cup. The play-off of Europa League can be very difficult. In your opinion, where Loko can arrive? Sevilla (the winners of Europa League 2013-2014) are really better than us? 
"Sevilla, as Dzyuba said, have a great coach: Emery. In my opinion 1/4 will be a good result for us."

- Loko have just signed a contract with Kasaev. What is your opinion about him? Compare he with Grigorjev, Tkachyov, Maicon and Samedov.
"Kasaev will make Lokomotiv stronger and more diversified during the attack actions. He have experience (CL, UEL, RPL title) and he has also the Russian passport. He can take a pass or a cross better than Maicon, Tkachyov and Grigorjev. He has great dribbling abilities and he can shoot both from right and left. To compare him with Maicon, more quick, is really difficult. Kasaev is a good competitor for Maicon. This is good news because we are going to play in Europe this season. Tkachyov and Grigorjev, instead, can play for Amkar, not for Loko. Grigorjev now is the fourth choice and probably he will be sold in the summer, I hope. He is absolutely useless."

- If you have the possibility to leave a message to all Lokomotiv fans all over the world that read this blog, what would you like to say?
"Буква Л всегда будет в сердце! Вместе и до конца! (= Letter L will always in my heart! Together till the end!)."

- We finish with National Team. Capello has called only Samedov of Loko. Do you think that also other players as Abaev and Shishkin merit to play in Brasil?
"The competition between goalkeepers and fullbacks is strong in the national team. Abaev is good, but not enough for Sbornaya. Shishkin, instead, is not the kind of players that Capello likes. Don Fabio prefers defenders like Eschenko or Denisov, for example. Shishkin is different from them. He is not suitable for Capello's tactics."

- Where Russia can arrive in the World Cup? Who will be the star of Sbornaya? Akinfeev? Samedov? Kokorin?
"1/8 or 1/4 will be a great success for us, because Russia has never passed the group stage on the World Cup. Stars of Sbornaya? Kokorin first of all, then Kombarov and Shirokov."

- Thanks a lot for this interview. We are very pleased that you answered to our questions. Bye for now and... vpered Loko!
"Tolko Loko, tolko pobeda!"

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