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Friday, 18 September 2015

Igor Cherevchenko: "We let Sporting the initiative intentionally".

Igor Cherevchenko: Soprattutto in considerazione l'iniziativa "Sporting"

Igor Cherevchenko in the post-game press-conference spoke about the game against Sporting (1:3), resuming it. 

- It was a tough game. We thought Sporting would have attacked since the first minutes. In particular, we let them the initiative intentionally. We tried playing on counterattacks. I thank with everyone, including the fans for the long trip. After the defeat against Rubin, we didn't miss the spirit and we reacted. 

- Can we say Lokomotiv tactically played better than Sporting. 
- I think the Sporting's head coach waited that we would play on counterattacks. However, the victory for 1:3 says that the team fulfilled its plans. 

- It seemed that Sporting wouldn't wanted to win so much the match. 
- No, they've got players each coach would like to have in his team. This is one of the strongest teams in Portugal. They always fight to play in the European competitions and now they're the leader in their league. They've got a smart coach and many good players. 

- How were you be able to resist to the Sporting's assault? 
- We prepared the game neither today nor yesterday. I say again the guys fulfilled all the plans. 

- Why didn't Kasaev play?
- He has got some physical problems. We hoped he would have played. However, we spoke with Alan and we decided not to take the risk. There are still many games. Everyone can play. 


  1. Great performance of loko. I really like Niasse performance. I regret that cherevchenko doesnt let miranchuk play, bécasse he is really promising. Continue your work. Its Great. Sorry for my bad english, im french.

    1. Hi! Thank you very much for your comment. Yes, Niasse was amazing yesterday. I hope you'll continue following us. Btw, are you on social media? I'd like to contact you for a question :)

      Ps: Your English is good!