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Friday, 22 August 2014

Leonid Kuchuk: "The away goal worths a lot".

Leonid Kuchuk in the post-game press-conference after the match against Apollon (1-1) spoke about the difficult game and the effects of the red cards.

 - How much are you satisfied of the result, after seeing two different types of Lokmotiv?
- In the second half, for the first in my career, my team has played with nine players. A player is a great advantage and you can use him. But I'm happy that we scored. The away goal worths a lot. 

- What happen during the final in the second half? Was the team tired or did underestimate Apollon? 
- No, we knew the power of Apollon. Last year they eliminated French Nice and played decently in the group stage. This is a strong team, so we didn't underestimate our opponent. We played our 4th consecutive game in a row and we had to rotate the squad. Partially because the match became difficult for us. 

- How were decisive the red cards on the game? 
- Whatever red card influences the game and the play in general. We had also two forced changes: Alan Kasaev e Dmitriy Tarasov. Of course, this was important for us. About red cards, after the first we started playing more towards the area and so the defense suffered a lot of counterattacks. 

- Before yesterday, Lokomotiv was the favored. After the away match, what is the percentage for the second game?
- I can't say any sort of percentage. None has been decided yet. All will be decided in the return match in Moscow and we'll prepare for it as serious as the first game.

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