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Monday 18 August 2014

Leonid Kuchuk: "In Kazan' the game became without compromises and was interesting".

Leonid Kuchuk in the post-game press-conference after the match against Rubin (1-1) spoke about the atmosphere of Kazan' Arena and explained the absence of Manuel Fernandes. 

- There are matches in common, but it wasn't the case against Rubin. The match was fast and played on high levels, without problems and interesting. I liked a lot the stadium, there was a great atmosphere, great support from the stands. All wanted to win.

- A comment about the penalty.
- I don't want to speak about it. I have already said something about this in the last game and I reproached it. Both the team and the referee need to grow up. We all grow up.

- What did change v Rubin instead of the precedents matches?
- We had to reconstruct our plans, the team played with a strong midfield couple. Karadeniz against us was moved on the bands. But we have also changed something. I tried to built a strategic game. Otherwise, why I have to train the team?  

- Why didn't Fernandes play?
- We have a very close calendar, we play every three days. There are also some shades with the limit.

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