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Sunday 10 August 2014

Leonid Kuchuk: "We reconstructed ourselves and Arsenal this couldn't catch".

Leonid Kuchuk in the post-game press-conference spoke about the win against Arsenal (0-2) and thanked with Fernandes for the good performance.  

- After the match we can say that Lokomotiv get over the lack of Boussoufa and Diarra? 
- And why does we have to get over it?

- They were key players into the team...
- Key players are players on the pitch that prepare themselves for the season. We don't have the intention to get over it. We built a game with the players in the team. If you wait two or three months to answer to the phone, you'll get old. 

- Has it sense wait Boussoufa and Diarra in the team? 
- We speak about the game. After the match against CSKA in May we greet to each other, there weren't any sort of conflict. Maybe all journalists know and don't notice that we said goodbye. Footballers must only be respectful of their contracts.  

- How were Arsenal? 
- This is a purposeful team. It plays good and fans are a lot helpful. In Tula they are a real 12th player. Of course after the game v Zenit they  wanted to reclaim themselves. We thought that the game will be founded in this way and we waited our chances. And there were a lot of opportunities that only need to be resolved. Generally, I liked Arsenal.

- The change of Fernandes was un-waited...
- This is your views, personally all is clear. I build strategic matches. It can seem strange for  you, but for me not. 

- But Fernandes was substituted only after 7 minutes after the goal...
- I repeat: this is strange for you, not for me. N'Doye e Niasse, two powerful and fast players, entered on the pitch. The result were the assist and the 0-2. About Fernandes, Manu scored a great goal and in general he played well. I'm grateful to him with this game. But we had to resume the match and we reached. This is all: as it said,  a moment is enough.

- How did you think to built the match of today? 
- You had to pressure your opponents, but in the first half this wasn't always possible. The second, instead, was better: there was more nervousness. After the break we started playing prudently without giving Arsenal spaces. 

- Will be other new players?
- Maybe. Until the closure of the transfers window, all can be waited. Until the last day. 

- In your opinion, is the team completed? 
- Always you need something. Coaches always look at the team and think where it needs a player. Furthermore we have to play three competitions and so the number of players has a great importance: you don't need 18-20 elements, but 22-24.

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