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Thursday 14 August 2014

Leonid Kuchuk: "Match became unpredictable after Yanbaev injury".

Leonid Kuchuk in the post-game press-conference after the win against Rostov (2-1) thanked with the team for the reaction after the red card to Corluka and said that he appreciates wins after strong matches.

 - A comment about the game.
- It was a strong match, which was unpredictable for us after Yanbaev injury. Because this change, we had to modify all our plans. You used one substitution and so a player that can reinforce the middle of the pitch. As result, the match was get over by us, and after the red card to Corluka and the penalty, each team could score. I'm greatful to all players that were on the pitch and tried to attack.

- What about with Yanbaev? 
- I don't know. We need to make an exam today or tomorrow, and then there will be the results. Renat supported the foot and the leg turned around. It was a strong shock. 

- Are you agree that you can't blame Lokomotiv because permitted to Rostov to return in the match? You have to believe in the victory.
- It's wrong this. There are moments in which referee, as the best player, can be wrong. The match wasn't under control, neither for us, neither for referees. Of course, we tried to do our best.  First there was the red card of Rostov, then ours - and what I can say? We have won, take three points and we get over. If I start criticizing referees, I will be there until the next match and I don't have time. A coach isn't only a man sitting down a bench. Sometimes I can''t reach to sleep because I prepare the matches, but I don't  think about referees actions.  

About the match of today, the team are valuable because are be able to win in situations like that. First you score, then you demonstrate how much you value. I really appreciate a victory in such a match than in an easier game. If we draw or lose against Rostov, I can't imagine this as coach. 

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