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Monday 4 August 2014

Leonid Kuchuk: "The novices have to adapt to the game".

Leonid Kuchuk in the post-game press-conference spoke about the two novices: Manuel Fernandes and Nemanja Pejcinovic, and commented also the match against Krasnodar (0-0). 

- What can you say about the absences of Samedov and Corluka? What were the effects in the match? 
- Sasha three days before the match suffered angina. You can understand that in this condition he couldn't play. He trained individually. Vedran was injured in the last game of the Austrian camps. He missed nine days, and the five later he trained individually. Only after this, Corluka started to work with the main group, so we decided to not play with him. 

About the novices Pejcinovic and Fernandes. They harmoniously united in the team and the game was difficult against a very fast team. Our rivals didn't give us spaces, but our novices confronted with it. 

- Was it important that you played against Kononov? 
- For me there aren't differences. All are the same, a match is founded thanks a specified laws and we knew really well how is Krasnodar. The result was that the teams didn't gave to each other spaces and in those few chances, goalkeepers played well. 

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